Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life Is Horrible - Opening in Toronto Aug 5

from a media release - looks like fun:

Team Awesome presents...

A revue of sketch-comedy and nihilism.

Featuring:  Taylor Katz, Matt Nadeau,  Paloma Nunez, Mandy Sellers,  Richard Young
Directed by Stephen Kew
Sketches Written by: Whitney Hewitt, Stephen Kew, Chris New, Aaron Peever, Andrew Smythe

Bread & Circus Theatre
 299 Augusta Ave., Toronto, ON
(One block SW of College and Spadina)
August 5/6/12/13/19 @ 7:30pm
(Doors/Bar: 6:30pm)

Let's be honest: Life Is Horrible. And it's not just the big stuff,  like Wars, Recessions, or Death. It's also in the everyday, like your  low self-esteem sabotaging your date, your boss continually taking credit for your work, or your six-year old son telling your  mother-in-law all the creative names you have for her. But rather than cry about the unfairness of it all, let's Deal With It. By making fun of it! This collection of comedy sketches captures and celebrates the diverse loads of crap dumped daily at our doorstep. Because laughter is the best medicine, and we're all in need of a cathartic “fix”...

  • Aug. 5: SLAP HAPPY (Kerry Griffin, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Dave Pearce)
  • Aug. 6: DEATH RAY CABARET (Kevin Matviw and Brad Sayeau)
  • Aug. 12: PUNCH IN THE BOX (Ashley Botting, Karen Parker, Leslie Seiler)
  • Aug. 13: ILLUSTRATED MEN (David Huband, Bruce Hunter, Adrian Truss)
  • Aug. 19: MANTOWN (Bob Banks, Jason DeRosse, Rob Norman)

Musical Director: Chris New
Lighting/Sound Operator: Andrew Haggith

$10 in advance, $15 at the door
Box Office: Phone 416-336-3399 or or at the door.

Hook up via their Facebook Event page

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