Sunday, July 30, 2017

Roots Folk Release: Adam Winn EP (Independent - May 6 2017)

Roots Folk Release:
Adam Winn EP
(Independent - May 6, 2017)

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Resident of Fort St. John, British Columbia, Adam Winn is a firefighter as well as a working musician, and his experiences have given him a real sense of the fragility of life and relationships.

He's a singer songwriter in the folk/country/rock veins, with a nice sense of melody and lyricism that raise it above the usual. Creston tells a classic kind of story about young lovers on a pioneer's quest for a new home. Burnout, the first single, combines poetic lyrics with some nice rhythmic complexity.

So I'll watch you burnout
I won't make a sound
I had to let go
You were pulling me down
I could scream, I could shout
I won't make a sound
Till these flames die down
Till these flames die down

Adam's voice ranges from a gravelly lower range to a more insistent tenor, with a plaintive cast that lends itself to the music. The songs cover familiar territory from fragile relationships to lifelong love with a well developed sense of melody and songwriting.

The music has a stripped down feel that leaves the spotlight on the stories and emotions of the songs, and Adam's got enough melodic and lyrical hooks to hold your interest through the EP.

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