Classic Jazz In Contralto | Lyia Meta: Always You (Independent / 16 June 2023)

Classic Jazz In Contralto
Lyia Meta: Always You
(Independent / 16 June 2023)

With a big voice and a gift for smooth phrasing, it's no wonder why Lyia Meta has won many awards as a singer, songwriter and also as a visual artist. Her repertoire spans a two decade career that ranges from blues to classical music. 

Malaysian born Lyia comes from a musical background, with a range that dips into an earthy contralto. These days she divides her time between Los Angeles and Malaysia. She collaborates with lyricist Denise Dimin on this release. Although it's new music, it has classic lounge jazz grooves and her unique vocal style. 

Lyia shares her inspiration behind this deeply personal new album in a statement. 

"In my entire career as a live circuit performer and an artist, I have found that being true to myself and my influences is what makes me the artist I am proud to be.

What is uniquely 'ME'?

Who I am is very simply heard in my music!

With the album 'ALWAYS YOU'', the story continues as I attempt to retell the words written by songwriter Denise Dimin through my own experiences and emotions.

ALWAYS YOU is my latest chapter as I continue my musical journey!"

Lyia Meta
Lyia Meta

The arrangements are suitably lush, including piano, horn and rhythm sections. With each track, there's a different mood, from the big band bombasity of Savor Me to the continental delicacy of As We Throw Caution To The Winds. There's a lovely liquid guitar solo on It's Up To You. For You is a standout track, with a strident tone and a sultry groove that makes the most of her rich lower range.

This is a gem of an album for fans of jazz from the mid-20th century or so, with passages filled by piano glissandi and a riding cymbal beneath a velvety voice. 

Personnel: BOB MCGILPIN( guitar, drum, bass, arrangement, mix master); GENE RABBAI (Piano, orchestration)

Tracklist: Always You; Never Enough Time; It's Up To You; For You; Savor Me; As We Throw Caution To The Wind; To Know What It's Like; My Dream Lover