Suck picked up by Alliance

Alliance Films Sinks Its Teeth Into SUCK

And Kick Starts Sales At TIFF 09

From a press release - my review in an earlier post here

(September 8, 2009 – Toronto) Alliance Films and Rob Stefaniuk’s rock ‘n’ roll vampire movie SUCK are set to take a bite out of the Canadian market after Alliance snapped up distribution rights in advance of the film’s TIFF world premiere.

The Vampire Rock ‘ n Roll Adventure from Capri Vision (a division of Capri Films) follows a group of rock ‘n’ roll wannabes in search of immortality and a record deal. Written and directed by actor/musician Stefaniuk (Phil The Alien) - who also co-wrote seven of SUCK’s 11 soundtrack songs - this rockin’ romp stars Stefaniuk, Jessica Paré, Dave Foley and Malcolm McDowell and features acting turns from Alice Cooper and his daughter Calico, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Moby, Alex Lifeson, Carole Pope and Dimitri Coats. The film’s score includes, Iggy Pop’s, TVeye and Success; Alice Cooper’s, I am a Spider; The Velvet Underground’s, Sweet Nuthin; David Bowie’s, Here Comes the Night and a cover of The Rolling Stones’, Sympathy for the Devil.

“We’re very excited that Alliance has come on board to release SUCK,” says Producer Robin Crumley. “It is great to know that our film is with such a respected and broad reaching distributor.”

“All any filmmaker can hope for is that his or her film will find an audience,” adds writer, director, actor, musician Rob Stefaniuk. “Having a major Canadian distributor like Alliance onboard guarantees our film has a real chance at finding that audience.”

Seemingly doomed to road trip doldrums and dives, the band The Winners breaks its slump when its female bass player (Jessica Paré) disappears one night with a hip vampire. She returns charged with sexual charisma that creates audience frenzy and eventually ensnares the rest of the band to trade their souls (literally) for fame and fortune.

Shot in Toronto last November, the much anticipated film has been creating buzz since the first day of shooting, and will have its world premiere, Friday September 11, at The Varsity Cinema, 9:30pm.

“SUCK is a fantastic combination of vampire comedy and the best rock and roll ever. We’re pleased to be able to introduce the film to Canadian audiences”, said Noah Segal, EVP of Alliance Films.

The movie is jointly produced by Robin Crumley, Vice President of Capri Vision (a branch of Capri Films), and also by Jeff Rogers. Co-Producer is Victoria Hirst. Executive Producer is Jeff Sackman. Other Executive Producers include Gabriella Martinelli, Terry Markus, and Brad Peyton. Director of Photography is D. Gregor Hagey, with editing by Michele Conroy. John Kastner (Asexuals, The Doughboys) composed the soundtrack, while Jim Goodall handled Production Design. Costume Designer was Mario Davignon, with key makeup by Jordan Samuel.


  1. Quite exciting! I'd really like to see this. Hopefully it won't be a million years before it actually comes out. Too many of these films at the TIFF festival don't get released forever

  2. It seems to have momentum - let's hope so!


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