Scrabble with the Stars for PAL

Scrabble with the Stars for PAL
April 12 - Toronto

The Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) is a haven for artists, providing affordable housing for people making, or who did make, their livings in performing arts professions. Some are still working, some might be disabled, others retired. More than just a housing complex, PAL is about community, about the industry looking after its own.

Last night a veritable cornucopia of Canadian talent got together to play Scrabble for charity, including auctioning off the helpful services of Robin Pollock-Daniel, the highest scoring woman in Scrabble in Canada for $1K, and a silent auction of artwork by Marilyn Lightstone, Dave Broadfoot (I liked his amusing collage the best, and he's very friendly by the way,) and landscape paintings by Jayne Eastwood and Karl Pruner.

The Mexican food was good, there was free beer going around - you get the picture.

I just wonder, what will they do for all us bloggers as we enter retirement age?

Pics, top to bottom:
- Jeanne Beker (in her Scrabble dress) laughing at Mark Breslin
- 99.1FM Jazz DJ Jaymz and singer Saidah Baba Talibah
- Actor Nicholas Campbell chatting with event organizer Viviennne Muhling
- Dinah Christie (looking great)
- By the bar, Eric Peterson, Sheila McCarthy & Colin Mochrie