Worldwide Short Film Festival - Preview #3

Worldwide Short Film Festival Preview #3
Alternative Comedy Showcase

The Fest runs June 1 - 6 and you can check out full details here.

The laughs are mild rather than raucous from this quirky group of mostly very shorts.
Morning Walk
Chris Locke, Nathan Fielder Canada (2008)
2 minutes - Fiction

Follows to rapping friends who lip synch their way around Bathurst and Bloor in Toronto. The fun lies in their delivery.

Good Pals
Nathan Fielder Canada (2008)
3 minutes - Fiction

A chance meeting on the sidewalk proves awkward for a couple of old friends. I thought it dragged on a bit over a one note joke.

Once a Year
Levi MacDougall Canada (2007)
5 minutes - Fiction

A winsome word gamed played in a park and a kind of test to see if you're cool enough to party with an enigmatic stranger...

No Nose Nelson
Kathleen Phillips Canada (2009)
2 minutes - Animation

A cute, funny short that tells and old West flavoured story of how Nelson's nose was stolen by one Squeekie Muhguggins. It also has a tiger in it, which is extra points.

Life With Dogs
Heath Milo Canada (2009)
4 minutes - Fiction

If you have or have had your life ruled by your furry friends, you'll relate to this tale of trying to sleep in when they want you up and so much more. Naturally the pooches steal the show here, (another extra points situation).

Knights of Atomikaran
Adam Brodie, Dave Derewlany Canada (2007)
6 minutes - Fiction

The funny tale of a group of nerds dedicated to their pseudo-medeival/post-apocalyptic neo-world, one which they play out in real life (in a gym) using moves like "hacking" and "virus"-ing.

The Library
Levi MacDougall, David Dineen-Porter Canada -( 2007)
4 minutes - Animation

A surealistic journey into Marlon Brando's library via an old school 2D video game, with dialogue like "Imagine how powerful I am - tap A to imagine how powerful I am..."

Dick Mime
Evan DeRushie, Daniel Warth Canada (2009)
3 minutes - Fiction

A surprising and funny take on the theme of the male member in three ultra shorts that involve the concept of, but not the performance of, same, done with a Marcel Marceau aesthetic in the woods.

This is Ana
Kathleen Phillips Canada (2007)
3 minutes - Fiction
Barbie as Ana tells us about her life of office work and living with her three sisters in a metal box stuffed with clothes.

A Situation
Nathan Fielder Canada (2006)
1 minute - Fiction

The truth about gay porn?

Toy Boyz
Dave Hodgson, Geoff Webster Canada (2009)
3 minutes - Fiction

This one runs as a trailer for an action film à la Fast & Furious but on miniature motorcycles. There are some funny sight gags and appropriately over the top acting.

Hiding From Bad Guys
Katie Crown Canada (2008)
1 minute - Fiction

Just like the title says, hiding kid style behind curtains and such. It's cute.

Kelly 5-9
Derek Horn Canada (2010)
7 minutes  DigiBeta - Fiction

An object lesson in why you shouldn't piss off the unpaid editor of a bad sci fi - especially if he's left with the footage.