Worldwide Short Film Festival - Preview #4

Midnight Mania: CREEPY Programme

The Fest runs June 1 - 6 and you can check out full details here.

This is a particularly strong group of films that do all embody their own version of creepiness.

Jessie Mott, Steve Reinke USA (2009)
4 minutes Beta Animation - Canadian Premiere

Beautifully watercoloured animations of animals offer poetic meditations on sexuality and general weirdness like You smell like diapers and sausage and You are a delight - if only I could remove your head all together!

Jardin Dead End
Stéphane Lapointe Canada (2009)
11 minutes Beta Fiction - Toronto Premiere

You know evil's afoot when a film begins with a dog being run over. A man meets a woman with a strange problem in a bar, and finds that demonic possession can have its ups and downs.

The Elemental
Robert Sproul-Cran UK (2009)
12 minutes 35mm Fiction - Canadian Premiere

Very creepy and atmospheric, it tells the nightmarish Tale of a woman's visit to parents in the most dismal of Council housing and an evil presence that lurks in the hallway. It really keeps you on edge.

Kryshan Randel Canada (2009)
6 minutes DigiBeta Fiction - World Premiere

A group of yuppies, a magic spell, and the murderous carving of a pumpkin leads to unforeseen consequences in this over the top gore-horror story.

Ondrej Svadlena Czech Republic/France (2010)
9 minutes 35mm Animation - North American Premiere

A fabulously weird CGI about partial humanoids with a surreal blood and guts sensibility about it. You have to see it to know what I mean.

5 Minute Dating
Peter Hatch Canada (2009)
6 minutes DigiBeta Fiction - World Premiere

The heartwarming story of two misshappen zombie-types who meet at a speed dating event.

Chloe and Attie
Scooter Corkle Canada (2009)
8 minutes DigiBeta Fiction - World Premiere
Elderly sisters are locked in a caregiver relationship, one of them wheelchair bound, but, as it turns out, possessed by a malevolent spirit. Shot at odd peripheral angles and genuinely creepy.

Stewart Comrie UK (2009)
12 minutes Beta Animation - North American Premiere

A marvelously eccentric story about a nefarious squirrel and an innocent magpie, including a kind of elaborate Mousetrap (like the game!) with unexpected results.

Off Season
Jonathan Van Tulleken UK (2009)
13 minutes Beta Fiction

A drifter and his Jack Russell survive by robbing cabins in some far north (Scotland?) scene - until they run into the one that they should've just left alone. It's quite suspenseful, and that stark frozen landscape does have a haunted side that's used quite effectively.


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