Caribbean Dance Theatre - Awakenings June 17-18

From a media release:

An Urban Musical story of a Dancer
Artistic Direction by Tamla Matthews

June 17-18
Toronto Centre for the Arts

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Toronto - ON, The journey of no two dancers is the same and therein lies a graphic and uncompromising story of a dancer.  Awakening is an urban musical dance theatre production based on the transformational journey of a dancer. A dubious love affair with dance, grounded in a supportive cocoon fuelled by culture and spirituality. Gripping in its historical content, a little girl dreams to be a successful dancer and learns that the hardest journey is not upward, but inward. Artistic maturity comes at a price few are really willing to pay. As the price takes a toll on the soul the dance becomes the foundation for resistance, solace and transformation. 

Awakening is reflective of human angst, dedication and ultimate triumph.  Born out of a true story, Awakening is a story of perseverance and the power to aspire; channelling ones
dreams. Live musical and spoken word accompaniment intricately reveals a world of diverse dance styles from gospel to reggae; where a 1st generation Canadian dancer finds connection to an old world leading to the discovery of personal strength. The show explores fears and the innate power of music and dance to fortify the human spirit in universal themes beyond class and race. Awakening hosts Educational Matinee performances geared at school audiences on Thursday June 17 and Friday June 18th at 1 pm.

Awakening: An Urban Musical Story of a Dancer
Thursday June 17th - 18th 2010 at 8pm,
Toronto Centre for the Arts (5040 Yonge Street)
Tickets range from $25 - $40.

Tamla Matthews has been an active member of the Toronto dance community for over 22 years. An accomplished Artistic Director, Choreographer and dance artist of local and international acclaim, Tamla is a certified fitness instructor and creator of Reggaerobics. She is a mainstay judge at the annual York Region District School Board Dance competition and the Director of Caribbean Dance Theatre.

Caribbean Dance Theatre (CDT) is a 15-year-old dance company, specializing in Contemporary Caribbean based dance styles that celebrate the Caribbean contribution to the Canadian cultural mosaic. Caribbean Dance Theatre’s signature style honours the cultural root, celebrates the present and inspires possibilities for the future of dance in Canada.