Amazon Falls - TIFF News & Party Tidbits

I was at the Premiere Party for Amazon Falls last night at the venerable but still sexy Bovine Sex Club (where everyday is Halloween), and it turns out there was more to celebrate than just the screenings at TIFF. The crowd included Rob Stefaniuk, he who brought the world Suck, last year's TIFF sensation.
Also interesting is that Amazon Falls' producer/director, Katrin Bowen, in real life worked for Troma Studios - I've interviewed her former boss and studio co-head Lloyd Kaufman a couple of times in years past.

From a media release:

Amazon Falls

TIFF’s Provocative “B-Movie Actress” Saga Signs A-List Sales Agent Craig Adlard and Final Cut Films

(Sept 11, 2010 --- Toronto) Katrin Bowen’s Amazon Falls - the gritty reality-inspired tale of an actress who won’t quit the chase for fame - made its world premiere at TIFF, and now has its release future in some of the surest hands in the business.

Just signed on is Craig Adlard and his company Final Cut Films. Amazon Falls, based on Bowen’s B-movie experiences in Los Angeles, unapologetically exposes the grit behind the glitz of fame. Featuring actual midnight-movie footage from Katrin’s time as a Troma Films actress, Amazon Falls stars former beauty queen April Telek (Flight 93), as Jana, a wannabe-starlet-turned-40 who is in denial over her Hollywood best-before date.

“Financial expertise - especially in the film business - is priceless,” says Amazon Falls director Katrin Bowen. “Even rarer is the ‘moneyman’ who unabashedly loves film. We’re thrilled to have Craig Adlard and Final Cut Films representing Amazon Falls, my first film. Their enthusiasm for movies dovetails nicely with a work that I know will resonate with filmgoers and buyers.”

Craig Adlard has more than a decade’s worth of releasing experience in both the foreign and domestic markets, Over the years Craig has  sold such titles as Hounddog (Dakota Fanning); Walk All Over Me (Leelee Sobieski, Trisha Helfer); The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam - (Vanessa Redgrave, Marie Espinosa, Bruno Lastra); and Civilization of Maxwell Bright (Patrick Warburton, Marie Matiko, Simon Callow, Jennifer Tilly) among many others.

“I have experience with many leading film and TV providers all around the world, and have been associated with the Toronto International Film Festival for years. I’m thrilled to be representing Amazon Falls to domestic and worldwide buyers at this ultimate film marketplace,” says Craig.