Jazz in Bryant Park NYC with Victor Lin

Piano in Bryant Park
Victor Lin on August 27, 2010
New York City - weekdays 12:30-2:30pm - continues till October 15

It's as near perfect as a summer day can get, the sun bright with nary a cloud in the sky and the humidity at a comfortable level when I caught Victor Lin on the last day of his week long gig playing piano in Bryant Park. The piano had to compete with some kind of Levi's jeans madness and even another short vocal performance at the other end of the park, but somehow it all faded into the background when he started to play.

Victor is obviously a fan of traditional jazz, and he took us through a series of selections in an assured style - despite the distractions. (I'm wondering how they keep the instrument even vaguely in tune!) The good news is, while pretty much all of the outdoor park stuff that makes NYC a lot of fun in the summer wound down with Labour Day or before, Piano in Bryant Park continues every weekday till October 15.