From Talvin Singh to Elito Revé without pausing to take a breath...

Notes from the Field

Talvin Singh - Live Tablatronic set at the Great Hall, Toronto (Sept 30) &
Elito Revé and the Revé y su Charangón Orchestra at the Courthouse (Oct 1)
Part of the Small World Music Festival

So much music and art... so little time to write it up... or sleep... so what I can offer is some visuals and random thoughts.

Talvin Singh is at the vanguard of Asian electronica, mixing elements of classical Indian music with his electronica savvy. The Great Hall is packed, lot of people dancing.

Here's just a little clip - you can see the conditions were less than ideal for image making - and the rest of his current North American tour dates.

He continues his North American tour:
Sun 10/03/10 - Vancouver, BC  at the Barcelona Ultra Lounge 
Mon 10/04/10  - San Francisco, CA at the Bimbo's 365 Club       
Tue 10/05/10  - Los Angeles, CA at the EchoPlex
Thu 10/07/10  - New York, NY at the HighLine Ballroom

Cuban salsa legend Elito Revé - it's his first Canadian appearance here in the opulent confines of the Courthouse, (pictured at the top). All the girls are dressed up, and some of the hottest dancers are a couple of guys who look to be in their 70's.

They warm up with a couple of opening acts and dance demonstrations. The huge Revé y su Charangón Orchestra takes the stage at maybe midnight or so, with the dance floor packed, hot and sweaty. Latin dancing is so sexy...