Daniela Nardi - Jazz at The Old Mill, Toronto Dec 3 & 4

From a media release:

Daniela Nardi -- Espresso Manifesto Lab
with Ron Davis, Ross MacIntyre, Roger Travassos
The Old Mill, 21 Old Mill Rd., Toronto
Fri Dec 3 & Sat Dec 4, 7:30pm

[Toronto ON]  On Dec 3 & 4 at The Old Mill, internationally acclaimed songstress Daniela Nardi will offer up a spicy mélange of her classic world-jazz-pop sensibility alongside some "lab" renditions of her upcoming CD, Espresso Manifesto.

An award winning singer/ songwriter, multi-instrument- alist and producer, Daniela Nardi is a smoldering, passionate performer, with an enticing voice.  Her music is literate yet emotionally charged, sonically adventurous and in a category of its own, one that she calls EarthyModernJazzPopWorldCool.

Following the release of her critically acclaimed acoustic nu-jazz and electronica disc, The Rose Tattoo, Daniela's recent residency in the Big Apple took her on a new path back to her Italian heritage. “I went to New York for some creative time, to be inspired, take in new sounds. I didn’t think or expect I’d come back wanting to sing and write in my mother tongue - Italian.”

“But I wasn’t inspired to go back to the folk songs of my parents’ hometown in Calabria. I was more enchanted with the Italy of the 60’s– Fellini, Loren, Mastroianni – and the songwriters who found their voice during this rich creative time. I was also drawn to the Italy whose Jazz tradition was censored by Mussolini in WW2, yet survived clandestinely, only to explode in the 50’s and 60’s."

Thus was born her 3rd work (in progress), Espresso Manifesto- timeless Italian songs set in a cool jazz environment.  It's a collection of songs by Italy's Cantautori, hip singer-songwriters like Paolo Conte, Luigi Tenco, Gino Paoli– universally loved and admired. Espresso Manifesto also introduces some songs penned by Nardi herself.  All the tunes represent a new breed of Italian song - groovy, sophisticated, meaningful and emotional.  The arrangements are equally innovative, blending Nardi's signature nujazz-world-electro sound with Brazilian, Soul and Jazz.

Joining Nardi on stage to perform songs from both her earlier work and Espresso Manifesto are Ron Davis (piano), Ross MacIntyre (bass) and Roger Travassos (drums/percussion).

Not to be missed!

Daniela Nardi
Ron Davis (piano)
Ross MacIntyre (bass)
Roger Travassos (drums/percussion).
The Old Mill, 21 Old Mill Rd., Toronto
Fri Dec 3 & Sat Dec 4, 7:30pm
TIX:  $20, 416-236-2641 - www.oldmilltoronto.com