Lu Reid's Sunday Jam at The Shrine (NYC) - Redux

Lu Reid's Sunday Jam
(the Redux - with video)
The Shrine, Harlem NYC

Last time I had the words, this time I'll let the moving pictures tell the story.

Lu Reid's Sunday jam at the Shrine in Harlem, NYC. Taken November 14, 2010, with the All-Star band - Lucy Gallagher on keyboards, Al Hicks on drums, Chris Hall on bass - and guest soloists Howard Robinson aka Harris on sax, K-Z on guitar and Eric Thomas on the flute.

Also of note, one of the guest vocalists in another set was Vondie Curtis-Hall, an actor who you might have seen in films like Bad Lieutenant (2009 version), Diehard 2 and all over the small screen.

And I'll just warn you, you'll have this song playing in your head all day...