Visual Arts at York Quay (Toronto)

From a media release:

Winter 2010 Visual Arts at York Quay Centre
On view through Sunday, Jan. 2

TORONTO, ON – Visual Arts at Harbourfront Centre features 11 new projects throughout York Quay Centre this winter. Exhibits run through Sunday, Jan. 2, 2011.

Admission to the exhibitions is FREE. For more information, the public can call 416-973-4000 or visit Harbourfront Centre is located at 235 Queens Quay West, in the heart of downtown Toronto’s waterfront.

Winter 2010 Exhibition Listings

Curated by Patrick Macaulay and Sally McKay
Curators Macaulay and McKay include the works of artists Libby Hague, Doug Jarvis, Gareth Lichty, Abigale Miller, Ellissa Roos, Patrick Ingram and Allison Rowe to create Too Cool for School. This exhibit follows-up on the Too Cool for School Art & Science Exhibition and Fair that took place in May 2010. Developed through Harbourfront Centre’s national commissioning programme, Fresh Ground new works, this new series of installations will engage visitors in a unique experience of the worlds of art and science.

Barbara Balfour
Balfour has created an installation that focuses on champagne and taste, inspired by the fact that champagne has one taste in the mouth and leaves another after it has been swallowed. This concept is referred to as “the farewell”. Balfour is a Toronto-based artist and an associate professor in the Department of Visual Arts at York University.

Curated by Patrick Macaulay
The inspiration for this exhibit came from use of the term “unreal” in everyday speech. Macaulay then turned his interest to examining how artists today alter the perception of what is “real” within their work. unREAL features the work of artists Sto, Jason Dunda, Tyler Clark Burke, Jason van Horne, Christy Langer, Jennie Suddick, Jennifer Rose Sciarrino and the slomotion.

Kristiina Lahde
Lahde once again experiments with transforming familiar objects into sculptural forms. Using shapes inspired by nature, she has taken telephone books and transformed them into architectural structures. She has constructed a honeycomb with the telephone books to juxtapose the social behaviours of humans and of insects.

Kotama Bouabane
Bouabane’s portrait series documents teenagers at a Japanese anime convention in Montreal. The attendees at the “Otakuthon” Japanese Anime Festival often come dressed up as their favourite anime characters. Kotama Bouabane examines the challenge of finding one’s identity during the awkward stage of adolescence and the ability to assume the identity of a confident superhero temporarily. (Image below is by Kotama Bouabane - Oz #8, 2010. Archival Digital Print. 40" x 26.5")

Pamela Ritchie
Artist-jeweller Pamela Ritchie tells a story with her pieces using colour, shape and line. Forging them out of precious metals and various other materials, Ritchie’s With:in speaks of myth and matter, histories and secrets, detail and patience. (Her brooch is pictured above.)

Micah Adams and Niko Dimitrijvic
This collaborative exhibition created by Adams and Dimitrijvic features works that were individually made, but collectively assembled. The aim of this collaboration was to produce pieces that could easily fit into the work created by the other artist. Micah Adams’ metal work completes the narrative of Niko Dimitrijvic’s glass work and vice versa.


Jen Hutton
Jen Hutton creatively uses thousands of thumbtacks to create an installation spelling out the title of the work.

Dubbeldam Design Architects, Ian MacDonald Architect Inc., Moriyama & Teshima Architects and an installation by Jeff Goodman Studio (Architecture Gallery)
Toronto architecture firms Dubbeldam Design Architects, Ian MacDonald Inc. and Moriyama & Teshima Architects explore the relationship between architect and client and its influence upon the building process. This exhibition also includes an installation by the Jeff Goodman Studio.

Becky Comber, Keesic Douglas, Martie Giefert, Mark Kasumovic, Rob MacInnis. Erin Riley, Meera Margaret Singh, Garett Walker (Outdoor Photography Exhibition)
A selection of beautiful images of the Ontario Greenbelt that were photographed this past summer and fall by eight participating artists.