Tich Maredza Live in Toronto Feb 16 & 18 2011

From a release - I love this quartet and Tich's upbeat, mellifluous polyrhythmic music - I may see you there on Friday:

Tich Maredza
Zimbabwean Roots Live This Week
February 16 at the Ossington - free show!
February 18 at the Imperial Pub

He lists his influences as Oliver Mtukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo, has opened for the former, and plays acoustic guitar, drums, keyboards, mbira, marimba and percussion in a fusion of Zimbabwean contemporary rhythms and Afrojazz. You can catch him playing in town twice this week.

Swooping down from the vast Zimbabwean plains, Tich Maredza, a guitar in one hand, a drum in the other and an mbira in his teeth, arrived in Toronto in 2008. Singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, he quickly formed a group. Tich's music, while rooted in Zimbabwean traditional styles, has a contemporary flair. A drummer/guitarist, Tich's compositions have rhythmic drive, melodic intelligence, and lyrical messages of challenge and hope. Indoors, outdoors, concert hall or dance hall, The Tich Maredza Band puts smiles on faces and feet on the floor.
 The band is:
Tichaona Maredza (lead vocals, acoustic guitar).
Larry Lewis (lead guitar), graduate of the Paris Conservatory, plays guitar in several different styles and brings an improvisational heat to the band's music.
Tichaona Gombiro (bass), Mr. Gombiro, also from Zimbabwe, drives the foundation of our groove with talented interpretation and deschooled intuition.
Andrew Mark (drums, mbira), a gifted drummer and student of Zim music, also plays mbira. Andrew brings a special set of influences to the presentation of Zim music and his style is subtle and original.
• Born in Colombia, the newest member is Ruben 'Beny' Esguerra, a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and arts educator. His calloused hands keep it real.

• February 16 at the Ossington - free show! - 61 Ossington at Queen, 10pm
• February 18 at the Imperial Pub

Check them out live from a show last December:

Tich Maredza Band Live - Pamberi ne Africa (Bless Africa)
Greetings all, this video was recorded live December 21st, 2010, at The Ossington in Toronto, Canada.