Freaky Fountain Book Launch (& Shameless Self Promotion) March 23

Shameless self promotion #1:

Bad Romance - the Anthology
from Freaky Fountain Press
featuring yours truly as one of the contributors
Official Launch: March 23 7-9pm at Good For Her

Yes, I write fiction and yes, it's mostly erotica these days - and don't start with me on that... I wrote beautiful stories about love and children for years that nobody ever wanted. When I started writing about sex, it was instant approval. Freaky Fountain is a new e-publisher, and they've got two releases they'll be celebrating with a launch and reading on March 23.

About the book:
When the pain is this sweet, how can you possibly walk away? There can be so many reasons for staying in a bad relationship: the fear of being alone, feeling addicted to the one we love, the intensity of volatile emotion that makes us feel alive. We know they will hurt us; we know they will leave us wounded and lost. And yet we don’t walk away… because when the pain is this irresistibly pleasurable, how can we? Featuring the work of: Heidi Champa, Ben Murray, S.L. Johnson, Pepper Espinoza, Anya Wassenberg, Jeanette Grey, Lydia Nyx, Maxine Marsh, J.T. Seate, J.D. Hastings, V.C., Chris Guthrie, and Ryder Collins

The official Freaky Fountain Launch Party and Literary Reading will be held on Wednesday March 23, from 7 PM to 9 PM, at Good For Her. (Good For Her is one of North America’s premiere female-positive sex stores, and is the producer of the annual Feminist Porn Awards.) Attendance at the launch party is free, and it’s ages 18+ only. Dressy attire is encouraged, but not mandatory for admittance. Readings will be performed by FFP co-founder and editor Robin Wolfe, and author Anya Wassenberg (her story “The Affair” is in the anthology Bad Romance).


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