Osekre at Joe's Pub NYC March 19

From a media release:

March 19 at Joe's Pub NYC

Delivering an unusual combination of lyricism, wit, insight and flow mixed with sweet melodic African hooks, Osekre will make you glad you brought your dancing shoes.

Originally from Ghana, Osekre arrived in New York City with 30 dollars and change in his pocket to pursue his college career. He hasn't looked back since.  Osekre describes his music by explaining: Just think Marley + Dylan + Led Zep in one room. Then replace solo breaks with po-e-try. The idea is to bring a jazzy feel running on the wheels of African hooks into soft hip hop. In the recordings, Osekre always insists that the instruments halt for the words to walk first. The hooks are one or two lines of poetry, deeply dipped into sweet melodic and original African rhythms.

Osekre's Vibe is an experience. Osekre, protégé of Kiki Djan formerly of Osibisa fame, has unlocked a global sound that has a unique local sound regardless of place and space. He performs with his band, 'The Lucky Bastards".   Caution: Do not leave your dancing shoes at home!

at Joe's Pub NYC
Saturday, March 19 at 11:30 PM