Cult Filmmaker Tommy Wiseau ("The Room") in Toronto April 22 to 24

From a media release - I checked out The Room last year at the Royal - now you can check out Tommy Wiseau in person:

Tommy Wiseau
writer, director, executive producer and star of the Hit Cult Film
comes to Toronto as a special guest for 3 nights

The Royal -  608 College St.
April 22, 23 + 24.

Toronto, Ontario - April 2011 – THE ROOM is in the house!  Tommy Wiseau is coming to The Royal as part of the "LOVE is BLIND TOUR"!  The independent, cult hit film that has taken North America by storm where it made its official Canadian debut in Toronto at The Royal, and where it has been playing solid for almost two years.

Written, directed, executive produced, and stars the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau, THE ROOM is a melodramatic story of a love triangle that leaves its audience members in hysterics. Once you’ve seen THE ROOM, you’ll never walk out the same again.

The principal cast includes Wiseau, Juliette Danielle, Greg Sestero, Philip Haldiman, Carolyn Minnott, and Robyn Paris. Here's just a hint of its ah... dramatic range:

The first of three evenings begins Friday April 22 at 9:15 p.m.
• Additional screenings will be held at The Royal on April 22 at 11:59pm; April 23 at 9:15pm and 11:59pm, and April 24 at 9:15pm.

Tommy will be in attendance for all five screenings where he will make an introduction and be on hand for a Q +A  following each screening

Wiseau Films – founded by Tommy – is extremely happy to be back in Toronto after two years, and when asked how Canadians should react to THE ROOM, Wiseau offers: "You can laugh you can cry, but please don't heard each other!"

Plagued with unresolved sub-plots, exaggerated sex-scenes, unexplained characters, and a bizarre script, THE ROOM’s unintentional humour has transformed this would-be-flop into a bonafide cult hit. Since its debut in 2003, THE ROOM has garnered a mass following across the country that includes celebrity actors and comedians like David Cross, Paul Rudd, Jason Siegel, and Katherine Bell, just to name a few. The monthly sold-out raucous screenings of THE ROOM in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, have drawn comparisons to the midnight interactive audiences of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Big Lebowski. Although originally written as a drama, this unintentional comedy leaves audiences rolling in the aisles.

Image (middle):
Tommy Wiseau greets fans right before a screening of his new movie "The House That Drips Blood on Alex"
Date     24 July 2010, 20:14:52
Source     Flickr: 20100724202
Author     Al Pavangkanan

Tickets are $15.00
• Advance tickets are on sale through T.O. Tix and will be available in person at their ticket booth in Yonge/Dundas Square