TV: Paranormal Home Inspectors Goes Into Production

 From a media release:

Big Coat Productions presents
Paranormal Home Inspectors
Ghostly Encounters of a Different Kind

Begins Production in Ontario April 8 and shoots through to July 7

• To Be Broadcast on Investigation Discovery (ID)
• August 16, 11:00 and 11:30pm ET | 12:00 and 12:30am PT

(Toronto, ON – April 4, 2011) – Big Coat Productions announces production of an original series that will leave audiences wondering who or what they share their homes with …

Paranormal Home Inspectors is a provocative factual series that follows a team of experts from different disciplines deciphering bizarre phenomena in outwardly ‘normal’ homes. Inside, the lights flicker, faucets turn on by themselves, and doors slam and lock on their own.

Is this paranormal activity? Or can a conventional home inspector debunk the inexplicable anomalies that make things go bump in the night?

The Paranormal Home Inspectors include a renowned psychic (Nadine Mercey), a certified home inspector (Brian Daley) and a paranormal researcher (Michelle McKay). The team uses everything from a hammer and flashlight to electronic voice phenomenon recordings to infrared video documentation and psychic abilities to differentiate structural defects from spiritual manifestations. Who will the homeowners believe; the certified home inspector and his plausible explanations or the psychic and paranormal researcher? And if the homes are truly haunted…will the owners stay?

The series is produced by Big Coat Productions’ Catherine Fogarty and Maria Armstrong.

Paranormal Home Inspectors will shoot all over Ontario from April 8th – July 7th and are still casting families for season one.

The series will air on Investigation Discovery (ID) August 16th at 11:00 and 11:30pm ET/Midnight and 12:30am P.T.