Sí Canada: Latin Mania at LULAWORLD Music Fest May 14 & 21

From a media release:


WHO: Luisito Orbegoso & Lula All Stars, Luis Mario Ochoa, Roberto Linares Brown, Sean Bellaviti and more!
WHAT: Sí Canada as part of Lulaworld 2011, a world music festival extravaganza
WHEN: Saturday, May 14 & May 21 / Doors 7pm, Dance lesson 9pm, Concert 10pm
WHERE: Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. West
TICKETS: $15 adv / $20 at the door. Tickets do not guarantee seating. To reserve for the $49 dinner package, please call 416 588 0307 or email reserve@lula.ca.

TORONTO – MAY 2011 – Lula Music and Arts Centre in partnership with CBC Toronto proudly presents SÍ CANADA: A FEATURED TWO-PART SERIES, as part of LULAWORLD 2011.The Latin music scene in Toronto and all of Canada is exploding - and the world is listening!

Not long ago there were only a handful of Latin bands in Toronto; the city now boasts more than a dozen distinct groups comprised of professional A-list artists. SÍ CANADA will showcase some of these artists and feature Canadian salsa compositions performed by exceptional musicians such as Peruvian-born percussionist and musical director of Part One, LUISITO ORBEGOSO, co-director SEAN BELLAVITI, Latin jazz guitarist LUIS MARIO OCHOA, and Part Two’s musical director ROBERTO LINARES BROWN. For more information please visit www.lula.ca

While established musicians such as Hilario Durán, Amanda Martinez and Latin Grammy winner Alex Cuba have gained international recognition, the next generation of Canadian stars is already rising.

Multiple waves of immigration from Latin America over the past three decades have allowed Canada, (especially Toronto), to become a hotbed for the creation of many musical forms with roots in the tropics. Top level artists with heritage in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru and of course, Cuba, are composing, performing and recording original material and redefining what we think of as Canadian music. These innovative performers mine a wide range of musical styles, often fusing diverse Latin rhythms in a way that reflects the unique cultural diversity of Toronto.

By hosting two nights of Latin music every week to give bands consistent exposure and broaden their audiences, the popular Toronto venue, Lula Lounge, in conjunction with Lula Music and Arts Centre, has become an incubator in which new bands can develop and flourish while established groups have the opportunity to perform new material live.

The sophistication and complexity of the music being produced has attracted many collaborations across genres, especially with Toronto's vibrant jazz scene. Many young, talented, non-Latin Canadian musicians (such as Sí Canada project coordinator Sean Bellaviti) have enthusiastically embraced and become integral contributors to the city's salsa community. At the same time, Latin musicians are reaching out to include influences from hip hop, jazz and soul. For example, part two of Sí Canada will include several pieces featuring local soul and R&B vocalists Samira Abdulle, Carlyn Christian, Simi Obidi and rapper Jamie Iagallo. (Luis Mario Ochoa is pictured)

Under the musical direction of Luisito Orbegoso featuring the Lula All Stars Band, Sí Canada Part one will highlight the variety and originality of contributions from Daniel Stone, Diego Marulanda, Evaristo Machado, Lady Son, Luis Mario Ochoa and Mario Allende. In Part Two, Roberto Linares Brown will present an all-star lineup of the finest Cuban musicians in the country performing original pieces by Canadian artists Linares Brown, Alberto Alberto, Yani Borrell and Latin-Grammy Winner Alex Cuba.

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