Free: InDigest Literary Reading June 8 at Le Poisson Rouge NYC

From a media release:

InDigest Issue #20 Launch Reading
with Seth Fried, Julia Bartz, Matthew Daddona, Natalie Eilbert, Matthew Pennock, Dana Rossi, Matthew Savoca, and Monica Wendel
June 8th, 7pm at (Le) Poisson Rouge, New York

InDigest ( celebrates the recent release of issue #20 with a reading from the issue's contributors (or at least the contributors from the New York area). Among the readers are Seth Fried, whose collection of stories, The Great Frustration, is reviewed in the new issue, as well as regular InDigest columnist and host of The Soundtrack Series Dana Rossi. Also reading are poets Matthew Daddona, Natalie Eilbert, Matthew Pennock, Matthew Savoca, Monica Wendel, as well as fictionalist Julia Bartz.

Readers include:

Seth Fried

Julia Bartz is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY. She blogs at (she's pictured below)

Matthew Daddona is a poet and assistant at Donadio and Olson literary agency.

Natalie Eilbert

Matthew Pennock

Matthew Savoca was born in 1982 in Pennsylvania. He is most recently the author of the full-length poetry book LONG LOVE POEM WITH DESCRIPTIVE TITLE (2010, Scrambler Books) and the electronic poetry chapbook FIELD MICE (2010, Robot Melon). Forthcoming in 2011 are two full-length poetry collections: OH WELL from Ravenna Press, and MOROCCO (co-authored with Kendra Grant Malone) from Dark Sky Books. Matthew really likes animals.

Monica Wendel

Dana Rossi is a writer, performer, and hopeless music nerd. She has written for several publications and websites, including Time Out New York, Broken Pencil, New York Press, and The Retroist. She is the recipient of a 2008 New York Press Association Award for a feature about understudies to celebrities on Broadway. Dana writes and tells a story for every Soundtrack Series, but in addition to the Soundtrack Series, she has also performed stories for reading series run by InDigest magazine as well as Quickies, a spin off of the In the Flesh series hosted by erotica writer and editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Dana’s music nerdery covers the basics (start Dark Side of the Moon on the MGM Lion’s roar before The Wizard of Oz…Pat Benetar was the first woman played on MTV…etc.) but it does not imply any kind of holier-than-thou hipster factor. She’s a true nerd— an aficionado who is also proudly well versed in everything that makes music vastly uncool—the work of cheesy 80s one hit wonders or early 90s supergroups, the soft sounds of the late 70s, the b-sides to Carpenters 45s, and the words to Kenny Rogers songs other than “The Gambler”. It ain’t glamour knowledge, but sometimes it’s just fun to know about Michael Nesmith’s solo work.

InDigest was founded in 2007 by writers David Luke Doody and Dustin Luke Nelson as an online home where a dialogue between and about the arts may be struck. The magazine is home to poetry (Rodrigo Toscano, Stephen Burt, Ronaldo V. Wilson, Jen Knox, Alex Lemon, Ada Limon), fiction (JC Hallman, Roxane Gay, Peter Bognanni, Geoff Herbach, Sam Osterhout, Nicole Hefner, Tao Lin), online broadsides, the InDigest broadcard printing series, The InDefinite podcast, e-books, criticism, art, interviews, and more. InDigest is also the home for the print series from InDigest Editions. The first release, We Are Doomed: Dispatches from the City of the Future by Brad Liening, is out now.

InDigest Issue #20 Launch Reading
June 8th, 7pm at (Le) Poisson Rouge, New York