Colombian Independence Day Party July 22 at Toronto's Lula Lounge with Sexteto Tabalá

From a media release:

Lula Music and Arts Centre and OM Producciones Music International present

Lula Lounge, Toronto - July 22, 2011

Sexteto Tabalá bring us the diverse musical genres of San Basilio de Palenque, the first free town in America. Their sound is a unique mixture of Cuban son with Afro-Colombian rhythms such as bullerengue, porros, cumbia and funeral rituals.

The sexteto is a rhythm originating in the deeper source of Afro Cuban son, the changui or nengon, which arrived in Colombia thanks to the sugar mills led by Cubanos and the songs the Cubans shared with the Palenqueros in the quiet moments after work.

Sexteto music was adopted by Tabalá in the 1930s and was mixed with other local styles to create a new musical genre - The Afro Colombian Sexteto, a form that was very different from initial Cuban model. In Colombia the Sexteto music is played with marimbula, bongo, timba, maracas, claves, guacharaca, a lead voice or primo, a second voice and backing vocals.

The group Sexteto Tabalá has played in many festival internationally and now is touring in support of their new CD recorded AT KONCERHUSET by DANISH RADIO COPENHAGEN as WOMEX 2010 OFFICIAL SELECTION ARTIST.

• The evening includes an 8 PM Afro Colombian Dance Lesson.
Buy advance tickets $15 (plus $1 service charge) through PAYPAL: $20 at the door. (General Admission; Dinner reservations guarantee seating.) $49 dinner package includes any appetizer, any main, any dessert, the dance lesson, concert and dancing with DJs Kruz and GIO until 2 am!

Rafael Cassiani Cassiani - Lead Vocal
José Valdes Teran - Second Vocal
Manuel Valdes - Tumbadora
Juan Cañate - Maracas & Backing vocals
Eduin Valdes Hernández - Bongo & Backing Vocals
Estivenson Padilla - Marimbula
Enrique Márquez - Backing vocalist
Manuel Perez Salinas - Guacharaca & MC
Andreus Valdéz Torres - clave
Javier Mutis Garcia - Sound Tech, Producer, Manager

1-Los Reyes del Son Palenquero: Buda Music
2-El Sexteto Tabalá: Ocora Radio Francia
3-Con Un Solo Pié: OM Producciones Music International
4-Live at WOMEX´ 10 Koncertohuset Copenhagen-OM Produccciones International & Danish Radio