Summerworks 2011: Perhaps in a 100 Years

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Small Wooden Shoe brings back the tender science fiction that first brought together (now) long time collaborators.
At Summerworks - August 4-14

Six years after their first collaboration Jacob, Ame and Chad return to the show they love and nobody saw.

In 2005, unbeknownst to almost everyone, theatre and dance artists Ame Henderson, Chad Dembski, and Jacob Zimmer spent a summer in Hub 14 making a play. Six years later, after more than a dozen shows and national and international tours, they return to spend another August at Hub 14.

Perhaps in a Hundred Years is a tender science fiction story about three friends stuck in outer space, waiting for the future to arrive. They tell stories, sing songs, pass notes, and try to answer some questions about communism, candy bars and parties. Dancing, lip syncs and quiet beauty fill the space.

Our heroes are surprisingly optimistic, given the conditions outside, armed as they are with cheerful pop songs and more than a millennium worth of utopias.  Despite an almost overwhelming pessimism for the long term future, which many of us share, Perhaps in a Hundred Years endeavors to keep it upbeat, or at least tenderly, militantly, hopeful.

Broadcast #1
We are in space. That much is clear. We seem to have forgotten how we got here. Or perhaps we never knew. We don’t know if we are on our way to some distant planet, or on our way home. We don’t know what year it is, or how many have passed. Perhaps a hundred, perhaps more. So we speculate. We consult palm readers and the bottoms of vodka bottles. We don’t remember who we were before. I think I may have been a printer. Chad has a hunch he won the Tour de France seven times after a bout with cancer. Ame is still undecided, but suspects she left children behind.

Perhaps in a Hundred Years mixes space-rock show with confessional, talk show with theatre to create vital performance for the future.

Producer: Small Wooden Shoe
Show Title: Perhaps in a Hundred Years
Conceived by: Jacob Zimmer
Created and performed by: Chad Dembski, Ame Henderson and Jacob Zimmer
In collaboration with: Kilby Smith-McGregor
Venue: Hub 14 – 14 Markham St. Toronto (near Queen and Bathurst)
Note: Seating is extremely limited. Please reserve in advance.

Performance Schedule:
• Thursday August 4, Monday August 8, Wednesday August 10, Friday August 12, Saturday August 13 -- 7pm
• Friday August 5, Thursday August 11 --  9pm
• Saturday August 6, Sunday August 7 -- 5pm
• Sunday August 14 -- 3pm

Perhaps in a Hundred Years - Summerworks Trailer from Small Wooden Shoe on Vimeo.