Canadian World Music Online Launch

From a release:

Canadian World Music is now on-line!

We are excited to announce the launch of, the first web-based catalogue of Canadian world musicians.

The site features 23 Ontario-based, market-ready Canadian world music artists and groups that can be searched by genre, name and city.

The website aims to raise the international profile of Canada as a country rich in musical diversity and high-calibre world music acts.

The catalogue will be promoted at national and international markets and sent to a vast contact list with the hope of facilitating a greater diversity in the bands being selected by presenters across the country.

About Us was created by Tridha Arts Association, in association with Lula Music and Arts Centre and with financial assistance from FACTOR. Our primary objective is to enhance the artistic opportunities, both nationally and internationally, for market-ready Canadian world music artists and groups.

The groups listed in the catalogue were selected by a committee of industry advisors including representatives from Small World Music, Sunfest, Batuki Music and Lula Music and Arts Centre.

At present, is a pilot project that includes only Ontario musicians. With additional support in the future, we hope to expand the catalogue to include the rest of Canada in 2012.

We will send out a bimonthly newsletter to presenters and artists with news on the artists that are part of the catalogue.