My PC Has A Virus!

Art & Culture Lovers,

My beloved PC has come down with a virus - some horrible Trojan thingie that is proving tough to pin down and eliminate.

While my son the computer genius (all the young 'uns is computer genius', aren't they?) tries to find a fix, I'm left with my laptop and a few problems:

a) All the my posts are queued up by date in a lovely, organized file that's now languishing on my sick hard drive,
b) I'm now about two days behind in my regular work from all the fiddling around (in vain so far), and
c) that last l fact is preventing me from piecing my posts back together from email.

I will be back up and running in the next couple of days, but since it looks like I'll be cobbling from emails - and my inbox gets very full, very fast - I'll apologize in advance for those that get left behind, or fall between the cracks. Things should be back to something like normal soon!

- Anya


  1. Ahh damn that's unlucky, well hope to see you back on soon!


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