DÜNYA Classical Music Collective Double CD Release

From a media release:

"A Story of the City...Istanbul/Constantinople"
Boston-based DÜNYA covers centuries of musical history on double disc

DÜNYA's new album will feature Greek Orthodox melodies colliding with rousing Crusader ballads and the unexpectedly complex folk tunes from Central Asia. A Polish Protestant convert transcribed elegant 17th-century Ottoman melodies, Armenian composers wrote music for Turkish-speaking Jewish and Greek lyricists (“Bu gece çamlarda kalsak ne olur/Apopse”), while Sufi chants uniquely transformed Jewish religious songs (“Yeheme levavi”). Migrants, traders, and conquerors invented new genres, from the court music of the sultans to art music and protest pop in the 20th century.  This double-disc album, which has been submitted for a Grammy nomination, releases November 8th.

“I think that the rich diversity reflected in this album will be appreciated by Americans,” reflects Dr.Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, musical director/co-founder of DÜNYA and professor at Brown and the New England Conservatory. “Through that appreciation, I am sure the American view of the Near and Middle East will change. The Grammies are a great platform for our work to find a greater voice, and to highlight DÜNYA’s unique structure and many talents.”