Multidisciplinary Performance: Diasporic Genius Presents Tumbling Into Light in Toronto

From a media release:

Diasporic Genius Productions in association with Andrea Nann Dreamwalker Dance
Tumbling into Light: A Musical Journey out of the Darkness
December 1st to December 4th
The Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Centre - Toronto

Award-winning Multidisciplinary Artists Create the “New Hybridity”

TORONTO - Diasporic Genius Productions presents the performance spectacle Tumbling Into Light, a music-centred, multidisciplinary performance at The Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Centre, from December 1 st to 4th, that made its debut in January 2010, to a wealth of critical and popular praise.

This presentation builds on its limited run debut performances, at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, that were sold out and that generated a great audience buzz. This presentation takes what was great in the first round and fully develops it into a full-length, music-centred magical journey.

Tumbling Into Light features award-winning Canadian artists David Buchbinder, Dave Wall, Andrea Nann, Richard Underhill and a company of award-winning artists: musicians, dancers, design, and video. As a presentation of the new arts-based organization for creative and social change, Diasporic Genius, Tumbling Into Light will also include emerging artists and non-professional members of the Thorncliffe Park community.

The simple narrative line that runs through the show is a journey through the darkness of our times to arrive at a new illumination. This journey is grounded in questions raised and images presented by the composers in the songs, of identity, ideology, and the possibility of losing one ʼs way. Tumbling Into Light recognizes a darkness in our culture, in our people and in our dreams that calls us to question some of our basic assumptions about who we are and how we got here.

Tumbling Into Light breaks new ground in music presentation through its skillful blending of performance and presentation disciplines and techniques. Buchbinder calls this the “new hybridity” that exploits the power of a blended ensemble, as the performers weave together beauty, humour, extremes of darkness and light, explosive energy, and a rare dynamism. Over the last three years, Buchbinder, with collaborators such as Nann and Roberto Campanella Of ProArte Danza has been developing the practice of an integrated ensemble of musicians and dancers whose performing roles flow into each other.

It is a powerful yet accessible performance with an exciting new direction, bringing together high level performance with community-based art.

Diasporic Genius Productionsin association with Andrea Nann Dreamwalker Dance
Lighting Designer: Simon Rossiter · Multimedia: Tess Girard

Tumbling Into Light
December 1st to December 4th
The Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Centre
• Ticket Price: $39 · Tickets available at Harbourfront Centre · (416) 973-4000