Off Broadway Deal: A Charity Case $25 to November 20

From a release:

Off-Broadway Deal: A Charity Case
Written & Directed by Wendy Beckett
The Clurman Theatre - New York

• $25 Tickets Available until November 20, 2011 only (see below)

- A play about our most sacred of relationships –the one we all have with our mother.

A CHARITY CASE examines the triangle of birth mother, adoptive mother and dislocated child. The journey is both blessed and cursed but the outcome is unforgettable. From WWII to the sexual revolution, morality was such that children born out of wedlock were adopted. Was this for the good of the child? Adoption is usually examined from the point of view of the relinquishing or adoptive mother A CHARITY CASE takes us into the psyche of the child. Dislocation loss and fear lead the three characters into unknown territory. The journey is mysterious, shocking, cruel and emotionally tender.

CAST 3 women
SETTING The Suburbs – Anywhere · 1960s

A Charity Case
The Clurman Theatre
Off Broadway
Theatre Row
410 West 42nd Street
New York

$25 Tickets Available until November 20, 2011 only
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