Viktor Mitic: The Rain Dance Paintings at Gallery Moos Toronto to November 22

From a media release:

Viktor Mitic: The Rain Dance Paintings
Gallery Moos,
622 Richmond St. W. (at Spadina) Toronto
Continues to November 22, 2011

TORONTO - Canadian artist Viktor Mitic’s newest painting series titled Rain Dance makes its North American gallery debut accompanied by a coffee table art book. This series was first exhibited at the Muramatsu Gallery in Tokyo, supported by the Canadian Government.  Rain Dance initiates a remarkable partnership between our environment and art. The entire series was painted outdoors with oil paint, pigment and acid rain. En plein air is a French expression which means "in the open air.” This has been done by artists for centuries, but what makes Viktor’s approach unique is that he painted under “acid rain” which interacted freely with the oils and pigments, creating a very unusual effect on canvas.

Walter Moos, an art dealer and Director of the renowned Gallery Moos in Toronto states, “Rain Dance is a new approach of painting by Viktor, which he discovered by chance.  The result is a spectacular series of paintings which we are honoured to present.”

The Book:
The Rain Paintings of Viktor Mitic are a kind of “aleatory art” in which natural rain is the constant companion of the artist as he creates mostly non-figurative pieces. Working outside with his canvases on the ground under the random presence of rain, thunderstorms and even hail, he achieves remarkable results. It is as if several senses are at work, creating startling and calming effects from this inspired method. The intense inner mythic-like world he has constructed complements and includes nature. As Gary Michael Dault observes: “His pictures look like something you’ve seen before somewhere and, simultaneously, something you’ve never seen before.”

The David Suzuki Foundation’s vision is that Canadians act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature.  Accordingly, Mitic elected to make the Foundation a beneficiary of his work’s future profit.  “Artistic expression is a wonderful way to reflect and connect with nature,” says DSF Development Director Andrea Seale. “We’re pleased that Viktor Mitic has chosen to support our work with his brilliant creations.”

Unveiled for a first time showing at the exhibition will be a film by Alaembic Productions, directed by Brahm Rosensweig of the artist at work, with commentary by Gary Michael Dault, art critic, author; Ewan Whyte, poet, writer; Pamela Edmonds, curator; Charles Pachter, artist, historian; and Cole Swanson, curator, Living Arts Mississauga