Tiger Princess Dance Projects Premiere at Citadel Theatre Toronto March 7-11

From a media release:

tiger princess dance projects presents
'Frequency' and 'Untitled Solo'
An ensemble quintet and a solo work created by Yvonne Ng
Citadel Theatre, Toronto - March 7 to 11, 2012

Internationally acclaimed Toronto-based dance company tiger princess dance projects will premiere 'Frequency' and 'Untitled Solo' at the newly renovated Citadel Theatre in Regent Park on Thursday, March 8th 2012.

'Frequency', an ensemble work for five dancers is an abstract exploration of the connections between individuals and how social cohesion is built and torn down. Individual frequencies clash, mingle and synchronize in a collective peak. The dancers perform with an honesty and immediacy, struggling with technologies from the last four decades: from cassette players to iPhones. Scenes blur the line between performance and reality, with dancers transitioning in and out of their “onstage” personas.

It was Ng’s experiences in Labrador in 2003 working with children in Innu communities that catalyzed her investigation of how traditions and cultural practices evolve and how changes in technology effects the way they are transmitted from one generation to the next. For the children in the Innu communities, as in Ng’s own childhood, Western radio predominated and profoundly shaped these cultures. The work doesn’t posit an answer, but sets the questions as starting points for the work on stage.

'Untitled Solo', performed by Ng and inspired by the ensemble piece, plays with ideas about the ceaseless variety of distinct and entangled frequencies that exist within oneself. The piece provides an introductory narrative for the ensemble work. Employing cues from her own life, Ng explores the scope of our shifting experiences, desires and beliefs through time. The only constant within one's self is change.

The two pieces, although distinct, are complimentary, one informing the other; inviting the audience on journeys translated into movement, musicality, text and voice. tiger princess dance projects was founded in 1995, under the umbrella of princess productions to reflect Yvonne Ng's uniquely Canadian experience as an Chinese immigrant and visible minority. That experience has given Ng a perspective of Canada that is shared by many, and one that translates effectively to worldwide audiences. As a result, the company has established an international touring repertoire, which has received critical and commercial acclaim including eight Dora Mavor Moore nominations for performance and choreography. In 2007, Ng received the
“Premier’s Emerging Artist Award” as selected by dance artist Peggy Baker when she was awarded the “Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts”.

Concept, Choreography and Direction: Yvonne Ng
Performers: Zhenya Cerneacov, Mairéad Filgate, Amy Hampton, Meredith Thompson, Brendan Wyatt
Video Artist: Jacob Niedzwiecki
'Untitled Solo'
Concept, Performance: Yvonne Ng

Citadel Theatre:
At the Citadel Theatre | 304 Parliament Street | Toronto, Ontario.
March 7th 2012 at 8pm: Preview
March 8th 2012 at 8pm: Premiere
March 9th and 10th 2012 at 8pm.
March 11th 2012 at 2pm.

Frequency from princess productions on Vimeo.