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Indie Film: Lovers in a Dangerous Time Opens in Toronto April 6

KINOSMITH  presents
A film by Mark Hug and May Charters  

• Opens in Toronto Friday April 6, 2012, at AMC Yonge & Dundas for a one week run

Two little kids play in a leafy yard, a boy and a girl aimlessly yet happily wandering in search of backyard adventures.

Allison Adamson is the small town girl who supposedly made good - and who we see getting fired from her book illustration gig shortly after the opening credits. Todd Timmins is the boy who stayed behind to mind the apple and cherry farm with Dad while his younger brother went on to fame, fortune and glory in the NHL. They meet again at the 10 year high school anniversary, that slippery point between leaving childhood behind definitively and the beginnings of an adult life that doesn't seem so promising.

Lovers in a Dangerous Time seems almost an overstatement as a title - the "danger" here is subtle and nuanced. After a drunken sexual encounter between the two that ends embarassingly, Allison and Todd decide to simply slip back into their childhood mode of playful companionship, and leads May Charters and Mark Hug have a nice onscreen chemistry that lights up the heart of the story.

In its gentle and unhurried way, the film tackles those big "real life" questions. The pair of them get along famously as long as they're in their childhood world of just two; when real life intrudes, it brings more awkward moments and a distance between them. Can their relationship survive in the adult world, where sometimes dreams have to be abandoned and the demands of rent and bills have to be fulfilled?

The directors integrated their filming into an actual, real-life, 10-year high school reunion with eight placed actors, four cameras and no second takes, all in the spirit of giving the film a sense of realness. This keen passion for honest and true to setting storytelling earned Mark and May, "The Maverick Award" at its Method Fest Premiere in Los Angeles. Following that, the film went on to win several awards, some of which include, "Best Canadian Feature Film," at the Okanagan International Film Festival, and the "People's Choice Award," from the Calgary International Film Festival.

Mark Hug and May Charters are solid as the leads. Mark in particular brings a subtle approach in his portrayal of Todd's pained frustration - the guy who has to get up at dawn to tend the fruit trees while rich, successful younger brother Bobby parties on a rented houseboat. Mark Wiebe is believable as Bobby, the brother who's resentful of apologizing for his success, but some of the other supporting cast are a little wooden at times. The town of Creston, B.C. stars as itself with pretty, hilly scenery that changes through the seasons.

It's an understated film about growing up and facing the realities of the adult world - that moment when you realize a lot of it does kind've suck, but there may still be hope out there if you've got the guts to move forward.


What Else Is Hot This Week?

Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company Spring 2013 Toronto Performances

From a media release:

The new season brings
Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company
to new heights and new audiences

March 20-24, 2013 - A Night in Madrid
April 25-28, 2013 - Annual Toronto Season - World Premiere of Portales

TORONTO : Following on the heels of Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company's (EESDC) 30th anniversary year where its production Aguas/Waters was named one of the top five dance shows of 2012 by NOW Magazine, the early months of 2013 are full of excitement and possibility for Esmeralda and the company, which brings the finest flamenco and Spanish Classical Dance to Toronto stages.

March 20-24, 2013 - A Night in Madrid
Company dancers Esmeralda Enrique and Paloma Cortés perform Spanish Classical dance with the celebrated Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir for A Night in Madrid featuring the Iberian flavoured music of composer Luigi Boccherini who made his home in Spain. His work is infused with the sounds of Spanish and gypsy folk music.

March 20-24 …

Polina Semionova to Appear as Guest Artist with American Ballet Theatre

From a media release:


New York - Polina Semionova, a principal dancer with Berlin State Opera Ballet, will debut as a Guest Artist with American Ballet Theatre for the 2011 Metropolitan Opera House season, it was announced January 14, 2011 by Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie. With ABT, Semionova will perform Kitri in Don Quixote at the matinee on Saturday, May 21, opposite David Hallberg as Basilio, and the dual role of Odette/Odile in Swan Lake on Saturday evening, July 2, opposite Hallberg as Prince Siegfried.

Born in Moscow, Semionova studied at the Bolshoi Ballet School before joining the Berlin State Opera Ballet as the company’s youngest principal dancer. Her repertoire with Berlin State Opera Ballet includes Odette-Odile in Swan Lake, Nikiya in La Bayadère, Marie in The Nutcracker, Princess Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, Swanilda in Coppélia, Kitri in Don Quixo…

So You Can't Go: Six Ways To Travel Virtually

So You Can't Go:
Six Ways To Travel VirtuallyTravel is limited for most of us in the world these days. For Canadians, it depends on the province you live in, but with the border to the US still closed, and other options limited at best, virtual travel from the couch can provide at least a view with a difference at a time when you may well need it most. Google Cardboard – VR On A BudgetYou don't need a lot of cash to get into travel via virtual reality. Google Cardboard is a line of VR viewers that are, well, made of cardboard, and are priced starting at $12CAD.If you check out this link, you'll find out how to download the software to your smartphone.At this link, you can get yourself an actual Google Cardboard for a hands-free VR experience. Google Cardboard apps offer a variety of ways to experience our beautiful planet, including Google Earth itself, which can take you anywhere, along with apps to view museums and cultural artifacts, and more.Ascape VRAscape has a huge l…

Harlem Stage Digital Event: A Drop Of Midnight October 13 & 15 2020

From a release:Harlem Stage Digital Event:
A Drop Of Midnight
October 13 & 15 2020A two-part conversation with Jason ‘Timbuktu’ Diakité and his creative team around the developmental process of creating his autobiographical theater project, A Drop of Midnight. In this conversation Jason will take us on his journey to becoming one of Sweden’s chart-topping hip-hop artists and a best-selling author. He’ll also share the story of how a mixtape from Brooklyn traveled across the waters to the tiny village of Lund, Sweden and altered the course of his life forever. We will examine the impact of hip hop music and culture on the globe. How has hip-hop united communities of color globally?  How do you translate a personal story into a universal truth? How do you build a creative team? How has the current climate of social justice informed your artistic practice? Jason will read excerpts from the play and share some of the music. October 13—Part IIn this conversation A Drop of Midnight author…

Blues/Rock: The Cole Patenaude Band - Are You Happy Now? (Independent / 24 July 2020)

The Cole Patenaude Band - Are You Happy Now?
(Independent / 24 July 2020) Buy the CD Big vocals and infectious grooves make up this release from The Cole Patenaude Band. It's modern blues with a classic sensibility, anchored by solid musicianship and upbeat songwriting. 
Keyboard player Dean Thiessen and Patenaude on guitar trade off solos and melodic lines to keep it interesting through a range of bluesy style, incorporating rock and country, with a pop song sheen on songs like For the Money. Would You Be Mine is more Elvis-esque rockabilly, while How To Love is an acoustic song with folky storytelling lyrics and feel. 
Compromise is a standout track, with a snarly guitar line and a churchy organ swelling underneath a nice bluesy beat. Horns aren't credited in the notes, but I swear I heard some on this and a couple of the other tracks. 
As a husband, father, and full-time mechanic based in Langley, British Columbia, finding the time to make his music was a challenge…