Due North - A Canadian Odyssey by Jeff Molloy to June 3 in Toronto

From a media release:

DUE NORTH - A Canadian Odyssey
at the Artscape Triangle Gallery
on view to June 3, 2012

Please join us this evening (Friday, June 1, from 7 to 9:30pm) for an Artist Reception.
CBC Radio's Shelagh Rogers will welcome guests and introduce Jeff Molloy, the artist.

TORONTO - Canadian artist Jeff Molloy is about to complete an artistic journey that began in 1998 when he held his first solo show in Toronto.

Travelling with two documentary filmmakers, Molloy left the west coast on May 22nd, traversing the country to bring his highly original exhibition, Due North, home to Toronto where it began.

During the 4700 km journey, the crew experienced an entertaining convergence with a jubilant mechanic, “Mad Mike”, who replaced a rear wheel bearing in Kamloops.

They were stranded in Revelstoke for 36 hours after coming within two wheel bolts of disaster when a front wheel nearly separated from the vehicle.

In the BC interior, they had a chance encounter with “Dead Man Matt”, an eccentric entreprenuer who’s building an old western town on his picturesque property.

In the middle of a chilly Alberta night, the crew was driven from their tents when a sprinkler system deluged them at a campground in Medicine Hat.

In southern Saskatchewan, they connected with a rancher whose family has owned the property for many generations...she generously allowed them to decorate a derelict barn with Molloy's Canadian flag-inspired piece. The crew wandered through her prairie fields littered with ancient wagons, abandoned tractors and old pickup trucks while Molloy revealed the diversity of his inspirations and the inner workings of his process.

Stopping at Manitoba's Red River, Molloy ritualistically baptised a Lois Riel-inspired piece; he placed 'Thomson’s Paint Box' in the chilly waters of Lake Superior, and he floated a canoe piece in an iconic Canadian northern lake. The filmmakers captured all of Molloy’s rituals.

Overcoming countless obstacles, including a close encounter with death in 2009, Molloy brings his brand of Canadiana to the Artscape Triangle Gallery from May 30th through June 3rd.

38 Abell Street, Toronto
(one block south of The Drake on Queen W...brave the construction zone, it's worth it!)


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