Toronto Fringe 2012: Annabelle'sTails from Jail July 6 - 15

From a media release:

Annabelle’s Tails from Jail
Written & performed by Morgonn Ewen
Directed by Bruce Hunter
Stage Managed by Mollie Jacques
Tarragon Extra Space - 30 Bridgman Avenue

Seven Shows!
Friday, July 6: 9:15pm
Saturday, July 7: 3:30pm
Sunday, July 8: 4:45pm
Wednesday, July 11: 5:45pm
Thursday, July 12: 3:30pm
Friday, July 13: 1:45pm
Sunday, July 15: 7:30pm
Tickets: $10.00 at the door, $9.00 advance
For tickets go to: or call:(416) 966-1062 x1

Modern Attitudes is pleased to present: Annabelle’s Tails from Jail!

Annabelle is a white trash alt country singer/guitar player who finds herself in jail on „excusable‟ homicide charges. She tells her story about jail life, family life and life with The Biter - the man who got away – almost - through singing and talking with the audience.

Annabelle is on her way up, she’s just facing an obstacle, a life changing…ok she’s in prison. But it’s just temporary, more like a spa-like vacation, ok, 8 years for attempted murder. Her lawyer called it ‘justifiable attempted murder’. But she still has music, meatloaf, memories of men, pictures of men, women who look like men…wo-men but no men... Modern Attitudes is very excited to have critically acclaimed Comedy and Gemini award winning actor, writer, director and teacher Bruce Hunter as director for ‘Annabelle’s Tails from Jail’.