Harbourfront Toronto Visual Arts Summer 2012 Exhibitions

From a media release:

Harbourfront Centre Visual Arts Summer Exhibitions
On view through September 23, 2012

Harbourfront Centre is proud to announce the opening of the Visual Arts Summer Exhibitions, which run through September 23, 2012. Alongside this season’s exhibitions, Uncharted Waters: Toronto’s Enigmatic Harbour presented with the assistance of the Toronto Port Authority brings together six artists with rare access to the people, places, industries, vessels and ecosystems along our waterfront. Their large-scaled photos line the boardwalk along the lake until June 2013.

This summer, Harbourfront Centre presents programming that questions the Big Idea of “Crossroads,” the junctures at which artists and members of various communities must make essential choices. In our various exhibition spaces, artists deal with points of intersection, whether it’s where the city meets the lake or where artists examine the point at which consumer culture collides with perceptions of value. Highlights include:

NOT SO FAST: Christian Chapman, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Bev Koski, Jean Marshall, Luke Parnell, Maika’i Tubbs and Tania Willard engage and respond to consumer society and its many products and by-products such as stereotypes, obsolescence, colonialism, fast food and more.

NOT FORGETTING: Yael Brotman, Brenda Draney, Melissa General, Vanessa Hussey, Erika Iserhoff, Caroline Monnet, Rochelle Rubinstein and Kate Subak remind us that knowledge and experience comes from our own lives, our family and our community.

• MATERIAL WEALTH: Revealing Landscape: Sonny Assu, Michael Belmore, Lauren Blakey, Rebecca Horwitz, Ursula A. Johnson, Taliaferro Jones, Michelle Mendlowitz and Silvia Taylor focus on exploring their favourite materials, and their meaning and trajectory across culture and geography. (Image: Michael Belmore. Delineated Territories, 2012. Copper. Image courtesy of the artist.)

A FINE SPECIMEN: Heather Nicol invites reflection on the personal and cultural implications of marriage.