PAM (Performing Arts Marathon) Festival 2012: July 26 - Aug 12 in New York City

From a release:

PAM Festival 2012
IATI Theater Presents 11-Ground Breaking Performances as part of its 2012 Performing Arts Marathon


In 21 days of pure unfiltered vanguardia, the festival will showcase avant-garde dance, theater, and music for all audiences

Performances will be held at: Baruch Performing Arts Center & IRT Theater

The Shows:

Luz de Manana en un Traje Marrón (Dawn in a Brown Suit)

Tragedy is a rosary of small woes that unravel on the sheets of a couple’s bed.
Physical theater by Void Theater Company
by Daniel Veronese / directed by Leni Mendez / performed by Patricia Becker & Pablo Pereyra
Spanish with English Supertitles
Friday August 10, 10pm & Saturday August 11, 10pm

“I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural and integral things that money can buy.” — Tom Clancy Any street in the world could be Montera.
Physical theater piece written and performed by Loren Escandon / directed by Marisol Rozo
Spanish with English supertitles
Saturday July 28, 7pm & Sunday August 5, 7pm

Reincarnations portrays pre-Hispanic mythology alongside Mexican cultural icons and traditions to explore ideas of destiny and life after death.
aerial and dance performance by Dzul Dance
choreographed by Javier Dzul / composed by Sergio Reyes
Friday August 3, 7pm & Saturday August 4, 10pm

A painted picture of the metropolitan subways as a young woman experiences the throes of a relationship.
Multimedia dance performance by Janusphere Dance Company
Choreographed by Darion Smith / Music by Jonathan Melville Pratt
Thursday August 2, 7pm; Friday August 3, 10pm & Saturday August 4, 3pm

the Whistling Mortician
When the powers of death crop up at every turn, what else can one do…but whistle?
Physical theater by Cloud of Fools Theater
Company / directed by Jon Froehlich / written and choreographed by Jon Froehlich and ensemble
Saturday July 28, 10 pm; Sunday August 5, 3pm & Thursday August 9, 7pm

An Encounter with El Duende
Federico García Lorca’s eerie, passionate and extraordinary world comes to life through poems, writings, and collected songs.
Multidisciplinary music performance
composed and performed by Sabrina Lastman
Friday July 27, 7pm & Wednesday August 1, 7pm

la quinta luna (fifth moon)
An emotional journey though the art form of Flamenco and the power of the moon, the light in the darkness.
Flamenco performance by Flamenco y Sol
directed & choreographed by Sol Koeraus,“La Argentinita” / composed by Cristian Puig
Saturday August 11, 7pm & Sunday August 12, 7pm

Nella Foresta (In The Forest)
Through theater and puppetry, a man finds answers to life’s questions through a fairytale forest in his mind.
Puppetry theater performance by j33tre
written and directed by Giles Smith
Italian with English supertitles
Friday August 10, 7pm & Sunday August 12, 3pm

Decime que escuchas (face the music)
A contemporary play about how Heavy Metal was transformed into a weapon of fire for psychoanalysis.
A comedy of mad-manners by Sol Pereyra
directed by Gerardo Gudino
Spanish with English Supertitles
Friday July 27, 10pm & Sunday July 29, 7pm

Taal Se Taal (Match your Rhythm to Mine)
Through Indian film songs, Kathak dance and English dialogue, stories of exotic romance, humorous liaisons and irresistible entanglements unfold.
Dance performance by The Kathak Ensemble
& Friends / choreographed by Janaki Patrik and dancers
Saturday July 28, 3pm & Sunday July 29, 3pm

El Correo de la Noche (Night Delivery)
Visiting and revisiting our fear of the unknown, we build this multidisciplinary performance on our experiences and fantasies of foreign cities at night.
Multidisciplinary performance by Caborca Theatre
created by the company of actors / directed by Javierantonio Gonzalez & Eloisa Jaramillo
Thursday August 2 — Sunday August 5, 7pm
IRT Theater 154 Christopher Street

All of IATI’s shows at Baruch College are located in the Nagelberg Theater, which is part of 55 Lexington Avenue. The theater can be accessed via an entrance on 25th street, between Lexington and 3rd Avenues. The box office is immediately inside the entrance; to get to the theater, take the stairs or the elevator down to the third basement level. Nearby subway lines include the 6, F, M, N, and R to 23rd Street.

What is a PAM Pass and how does it work?
PAM passes are package deals that allow you to see multiple shows at a discount. There are four different PAM Passes available: the 3-show pass allows you to see three shows for a total of $82, which is 22% off the total value. The 4-show pass gives you tickets to four shows for $106, or 24% off. The 5-show pass buys you admission to five shows for $132, or 25% off. There is also a full PAM pass, which will grant you admission to one performance each of all eleven shows for $220--a total of 43% off the list price. The PAM Pass can only be used to see three distinct shows--you cannot use it to see multiple performances of the same show or to buy multiple tickets of the same performance

• Montera by Juan Fernando
• Reincarnations by Rojelio Rodriguez
• Taal Se Taal (Match your Rhythm to Mine) by Michael Palma 

• Luz de mañana en un traje marrón (Dawn in a Brown Suit) by Leni Mendes