pUNK films & The Royal Announce Feature Film Challenge Winners

From a media release:

pUNK films & The Royal present 
$1000 Feature Film Challenge

- On May 22nd, Ingrid Veninger (pUNK Films Inc.) and Stacey Donen (The Royal) initiated the $1000 Feature Film Challenge for Toronto-based filmmakers.

On June 21st, an unbelievable 34 submissions were received.
• 23 Narrative, 4 Documentary, 7 Hybrid.
• 27 First Features. 14 Directed by Women.

The funding to finance FIVE $1000 features was raised from pUNK films’ box office proceeds for ‘i am a good person/i am a bad person’ at The Royal and Ingrid Veninger’s Jay Scott Prize, awarded by the Toronto Film Critics Association.

“The response from the Toronto community has been outstanding. We wanted fearless filmmakers and we got them, so many feasible and fiercely personal stories. So impressed by our industry-at-large with offers from story editors, lawyers, musicians, cinematographers; all keen to donate their services to our micro-budget movement.”  Ingrid Veninger and Stacey Donen

On June 24th, Amos Poe ("pioneering indie filmmaker.” The New York Times) led a Master Class in Toronto, FREE to all filmmakers who submitted a $1000 Feature Film project. The event was inspiring, and after hearing the filmmaking teams present their passionate pitches, Amos was blown-away.

"Once upon a time there was the French New Wave, then the New York No-Wave... now there's something shaking up north, the TOwave. bravo!" -- amos poe (2012)


Hotel Congress
Director Nadia Liz; Writers Nadia Litz, Philip Riccio, Michel Kandinsky; Producers Nadia Litz, Philip Ricio, Michel Kandinsky; Starring Nadia Litz and Philip Riccio.
This is the first feature film for everyone on the team. A couple gets together and tries not to have an affair in a hotel in Tucson, Arizona. A story of fidelity, through infidelity.

Director John L’Ecuyer; Writer John L’Ecuyer; Producer Paul Lenart; Starring John L’Ecuyer, Ryan Ward, Sherry White.
This B/W and Color hybrid narrative film is an honest interpretation of how most methadone users live.

Me, the bees and cancer
Directors John Board, Hector Centeno; Writer John Board; Producer John Board; Consulting Producer Morley Markson; Starring John Board.
This documentary charts John Board’s personal exploration of alternative treatments and ‘modern’ medicine bringing him to the use of bee stings in an effort to cure his own cancer.

Mourning Glory
Directors Brett Butler, Jason Butler; Writer Brett Butler; Producer Jason Butler; Starring Robert Nolan.
This “day-in-the-death" comedy will be the 5th feature film by the Butler Brothers; $1000 is their biggest budget to date.

Directors Ben Roberts, Rick Roberts, Sam Peters; Writers Ben Roberts, Rick Roberts; Producers Ben Roberts, Rick Roberts ; Starring Ben Roberts, Rick Roberts.
This first feature by 17-year-old high school student, Ben Roberts, will co-star his father and be loosely based on conversations they have had, or would like to have, about the world and how to live meaningfully in it.

Ingrid Veninger and Stacey Donen will Executive Produce and mentor each project through completion. The Royal/Theatre D is offering each film a 1 day mix, including mixer. Productions will shoot in July, and post in August.

The films will be presented at The Royal at the end of September – with Box Office proceeds fueling a new Challenge.