coule dans les veines - an Artist Book Project Sept 13 - Nov 4 at the AGM

From a media release:

coule dans les veines (flows in the veins)
XIT RM | Tazeen Qayyum

Art Gallery of Mississauga
September 13 – November 4, 2012

An Artist Book Project by Tazeen Qayyum, Nanni Balestrini and Collectif Génération

• Opening Reception: Thursday, September 13, 6 pm
• All are invited to attend the Opening Reception. Admission to the Gallery is FREE.
• FREE bus from The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St W, Toronto) at 6pm to the Reception. Bus returns at 8pm.
• Opening Night Performance, How to Draw a Drawing, by Swapnaa Tamhane and Aman Sandhu

XIT RM | Tazeen Qayyum: coule dans les veines (flows in the veins)
Coule dans les Veines (Flows in the Veins) is the Canadian launch of Ciels – a one-of-a-kind Artist Book created in collaboration with the poet and novelist Nanni Balestrini, and published by Gervais Jassaud of 'Collectif Generation' France.  Jassaud has been publishing artists’ books for over 40 years in which the visionary creates an international collaboration between a relevant contemporary writer and artist. The poems within the books are in French and Italian, however with Tazeen Qayyum’s invitational presence, the texts begin to resonate and function as a universal language.  Qayyum states, “My work on these books creates a dialogue with Nanni's poems, as it comments on our lived environment today, the aggressive global politics and the many emotional challenges that one faces.”

Within philosophical reasoning, “the other” is the individual who is commonly perceived by a group as not belonging, or as being fundamentally different in a distinct way.  Here, the dominant group views itself as the norm, thus categorizing those who do not fit that norm as the other. In the book Revolt of the Cockroach People, an autobiographical novel by Oscar Zeta Acosta, cockroaches are displayed as a metaphor for oppressed, subjugated and downtrodden minorities.

Universally, the cockroach is seen and understood as the ultimate “other” – a symbol of the lowest form of life.

In the spirit of true collaboration and investigation, Qayyum presents the next legacy of her thinking – script as a repetitious line narrates sculptural forms of pesticide containers and other forms of destruction.  To the untrained eye, the script may appear as a loose doodle gone awry, yet there is a presence to the careful delineation.  As a native of Pakistan, the artist asserts that although the Urdu Nasta‘lig script is not perfectly rendered by her hand, these lines do command a presence.

Saturday, September 15, 2 pm, Tazeen Qayyum
Drawing performance in the XIT-RM.

Saturday, September 22, and Sunday, September 23, 1 – 3 pm, Workshop: An introduction to Traditional Indian Miniature Painting with Tazeen Qayyum
This 2-day workshop will include an illustrated lecture outlining the different traditional styles and contextualizing contemporary practices in miniature painting. Participants will work through a series of hands-on assignments with qalam (brush) and wasli (archival paper).

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