Small World Music Festival 2012: September 20-30 in Toronto

From a media release:

Small World Music Festival
September 20-30, 2012 in Toronto

This year's Small World Music Festival runs Sept. 20th-30th, 2012 over 11 days featuring 30 acts from 10 different countries and across 6 venues. We're excited! Are you?

The opening party is once again FREE. As a gesture to you, our musically-inclined community, we're happy to offer an evening of great music, dancing and community-spirited fun at Lula Lounge on Thursday the 20th. Last year's 10th Anniversary bash was crammed and we hope to generate the same level of enjoyment this time out and set the stage for a great 10-day run. To do so, we've assembled a superb combination of artists that will fill the dance floor with Afro-Cuban rhythms married to rock attitude; with funky New Orleans-meets-Balkan jazz; and with sinuous worldly grooves. Details below.

• Tickets are on sale now for all events, from Fanfare Ciocarlia on the 21st to the Brazilian Blend closing party and you'll save by buying in advance.
• Tickets for all events are available now at the newly refurbished Small World website, Facebook, iPhone and Android mobile apps. 

Small World's signature annual program has grown into a key celebration of world music in Toronto. We've developed alongside the burgeoning diversity of our city, sharing heritage with communities and engaging audiences as together we discover artists and sounds old and new. As the festival enters its second decade, we're proud of our work in helping weave the thread of world music through Toronto's cultural fabric.

Small World Music presents

Small World Festival Launch Party
with The Battle of Santiago with Lady Son & Rambunctious & DJ medicineman
Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West
Thursday, September 20th | Doors 8:00pm with show at 9:00pm

• Free Event

The Battle of Santiago, currently at the top of the international charts, blends Afro-Cuban rhythms, screaming rock guitars, dub bass lines with soaring horns and flutes. Exploring the boundaries of rhythm and sound, The Battle of Santiago is a unique sound experience, that carefully walks the border of rock and world music to develop what they call Afro-Cuban Post-Rock. 

The Battle of Santiago combines strong Latin rhythms with deeply cultured Canadian influences, capturing each musicians own personal sound and style. Each musician has full freedom to express themselves individually as well as improvise to allow for organic growth, they find a natural feeling with each composition. These guys know music, and it shows. Catch The Battle of Santiago in an intimate setting at Lula Lounge our launch of the 11th Annual Small World Music Festival September 20th, or at Small World in the Square September 22nd.

ram-bunc-tious (adj)
Noisy, very active, and hard to control, usually as a result of excitement or youthful energy.
Nine horns + one drummer = dance party. Toronto rabble-rouser Michael Louis Johnson leads jams of swing, funk, balkan-beat and more.

DJ medicineman
Indo-Arabic dub to Afro-Latin funk - sets flow seamlessly from soothing ancient rhythms and textures through rippling primitive & progressive beats. Sets always challenge cultural boundaries & musical traditions. This genre-bending mixology has generated a massive throng of listeners locally and internationally over the airwaves and on the dance floors.

Fanfare Ciocarlia & Lemon Bucket Orkestra - Gypsy Brass Party
The Hoxton, 69 Bathurst Street
Friday, September 21st | Doors 7:00pm with show at 8:00pm
$30 Advance, $40 Door

You’ve never heard a brass band like this! Fanfare Ciocarlia is one of the world’s greatest live bands, truly keeping the gypsy spirit alive. This extraordinarily fast and feisty 12 piece brass band from Romania perform with Toronto’s own, Balkan Klezmer Gypsy Party-Punk Super Band Lemon Bucket Orkestra at The Hoxton, Friday September 21st.

These kings of gypsy brass started out playing weddings and baptisms in the isolated village of Zece Prajini in northeastern Romania, and since have played a marathon number of shows, with more than 1200 of high-energy concerts in fifteen years. Their sound has been sampled, covered, championed, and emulated by DJs, bands, and music aficionados.

Super speedy trumpets, horns, tubas, clarinets, saxophones, thumping bass and percussion of the traditional gypsy sound fused with diverse and new sounds make Fanfare Ciocarlia a truly unique band! Don’t miss the uproarious Roman gypsy party of the year during the 11th Annual Small World Music Festival.

Small World in the Square
the Beat of the Globe in the Heart of Toronto
Yonge-Dundas Square
Saturday, September 22nd  | 1pm – 11pm

• Free Community Event

Join us at Yonge-Dundas Square! A festival within the festival, this daylong program brings together communities and cultures, united by some of the most exciting world music from local and international artists. Small World in the Square is an outdoor family event, and our largest festival celebration. We feature over 11 diverse acts on stage, an eclectic, global mix of music, such as Jayme Stone, The Gunsmith & MoHit, Kendra Ray and many more. Between sets, on the InterActive Stage, hands-on workshops keep the flow going including an Instrument Making craft table for the kiddies.

Come celebrate with us as we bring the Beat of the Globe to the Heart of Toronto!

Jayme Stone – Canada / USA: This Juno-winning banjoist makes music inspired by folk traditions from around the world.
Kendra Ray – USA: All things belly dance - from classic styles to fusion with ballet, jazz, flamenco, folk and hip-hop.
Aline Morales – Canada: Brazilian samba, forró, and tropicalia, feature the beguiling voice of one of the city’s finest.
Focus Way – Canada: Afro-Jazz meets gospel, rumba, soukous and zouk for a dynamic performance.
Maracatu Mar Aberto – Canada: Brazilian drumming and song creating pure rhythm, emotion, movement and excitement
Marco Calliari – Canada: Contagious energy captivates in the colorful, festive, musical manner of an Italian carnival.
DJ General Eclectic – Canada: A catalyst who's been killing it as a master DJ and event promoter for many years.
The Gunsmith & MoHit – Canada: A genre-bending hip-hop duo with a cinematic sound shaped by world music and hard rock.
Wesli Band – Canada: A socially committed mix of roots, afrobeat and reggae form a warm and energizing blend.
The Battle of Santiago – Canada: Afro-Cuban rhythms, rock guitar, dub bass with soaring horns and flutes blend into a unique sound.
M.A.K.U. SoundSystem – USA: Big music that begins in traditional Colombian rhythms and ends in the punk-jazz stratosphere.
Lemon Bucket Orkestra – Canada: Toronto's only Balkan Klezmer Gypsy Party-Punk Super Band is guaranteed to move the crowd.

Don’t miss our massive party at Small World in the Square!

Azalea Ray – ‘Romancing the Sacred’
Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front Street West
Sunday, September 23rd | Doors 6:00pm with show at 7:00pm
$25 Advance, $35 Door

Azalea Ray’s Indian and Pakistani style is powerful and passionate, contemporary as well as grounded in tradition. She enchants her audiences, boldly merging her rich vocals with contemporary jazz, rock and electronic elements. With an extensive range, from Khayals, Ghazals, Thumri and Bhajans to Bengali and Punjabi folk, Azalea Ray engages audiences and uses Sufi music to bridge generations, gender, religion and class.

Born in Holland of Indian parents and raided in Toronto, Azalea begin classical training at a young age under Indian legends in Calcutta, growing to a 4 octave range singer performing in Calcutta, Beneras, Canada and America. After a medical accident damaging one of her vocal cords in 2003, Azalea found Sufism and also her new voice through spirituality. She had lost the ability to sing soprano but adapted, and became the one and only student of Farida Khanum in 2008. Azalea Ray connects with audiences, transporting them with her soaring poetry, she is not to be missed as part of the 11th Annual Small World Music Festival, Sunday September 25th at Glenn Gould Studio.

Deolinda - Fado with a Twist
Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West
Tuesday, September 25th | Doors 7:30pm with show at 8:30pm
$15 Advance, $20 Door

Deolinda is a musical family - literally! Martins brothers, Pedro da Silva and Luis Jose invited their cousin Ana Bacalhau and husband Jose Pedro Letiao to join them in their exploration of Portuguese fado music with a twist. This project from Lisbon neither wears black nor is always serious. Nor do they employ the traditional Portuguese guitar used in fado style, but they do produce…

This flamboyant music, often fast, ironic and humorous, also has the “saudade” – or longing and loss – of melancholic fado music. Deolinda gained instant acclaim in Portugal with their 2011 single, “Parva que Sou” or “What a Fool Am I,” describes the hard job situation for young people today. Audiences from 30-somethings to grandparents and small children are drawn to their wildly flamboyant, sometimes comic performances, the sweet and catchy or softly melancholic guitar melodies, and music littered with emotive references to Portuguese traditions.

Brazilian Blend – Maracatu Mar Alberto, Maria Bonita & the Band & DL eLman
Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West
Sunday, September 30th | Doors 7:30pm with show at 8:30pm
$10 Advance, $15 Door

A rousing party with roots in northern Brazil!

The Small World Festival closes with a rousing party with roots in northern Brazil. Maracatu Mar Aberto brings a powerful living tradition of rhythm and song, with influences that have traveled from Africa to Brazil and on to Toronto, where they create a show of rhythm, emotion, movement and excitement.

Maria Bonita & the Band perform Forró, the regional dance and music with its soulful mix of accordion, fiddle, guitar, flute and percussion. Forró has become the craze of a nation, sweeping across Brazil and inspiring a new generation of musicians.

Dj ElMan (Dos Mundos Radio) continues to push the boundaries of tropical music.


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