NuDance Festival 2012: Dec 6 to 8 at the Riverside Theater Harlem

From a media release:

The Riverside Theatre Harlem
NuDance Festival
December 6 to 8 2012

Three Exciting Evenings  *  Nine Fierce Dance Companies
Dance Iquail, Dash Ensemble, Forces of Nature, Janusphere, Maverick Dance Experience, MoralesDance, Neville Dance Theatre, R.E.D. and Sarah Council Dance Projects.
Tickets online or call 212 870 6784

Each performance evening starts with Choreographers in Creation, an intimate dialogue about their process. 

Join Riverside Theatre's rich history of presenting new and emerging choreographers in this year's NuDance. Nine choreographers over 3 days will present their latest work. Returning companies include "standout performance" Dance Iquail!, the "beautifully enlivened" Dash Ensemble, and "comic yet poignant" Sarah Council Dance Projects. Don't miss this year's NuDance, a showcase that Jennifer Dunning of the NY Times calls "impressive" and "unusually good."

The NuDance Festival presents up-and-coming choreographers who will show new, original choreography. The dance works are innovative, cutting edge and definitely thrilling to watch. We are on an exhilarating journey of exploration as we discover and experience the next generation of pioneering dance artists.

Maverick Dance Experience
Founding Artistic Director, Toni Renee Johnson
Reference Point        
Performed within dance-theater modalities, Reference Point uncovers processes of regaining control when things fall apart - processes such as love addiction, escapism, drug use and/or religious guidance. The reference point is one or all of these coping mechanisms, the literal "how" behind adapting to change or adversity. It is the internal, familiar place of arrival resulting from a basic need to survive and carry on through the irresolvable.  The piece follows four characters as they latch onto coping strategies, choosing definitive paths but continually wrestling for control over their distress and confusion. Live video and spoken word accompany an urgent, arresting movement vocabulary.

R.E.D. - Rhapsody En Dance
Artistic Director, Rhapsody James
R.E.D (Rhapsody En Dance), an artistic commercial contemporary dance company that continues to break boundaries of traditional concert dance. By blurring the lines between Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary, R.E.D brings a raw eclectic vision to the stage. With a mission to inspire their audience to greater heights in movement, R.E.D strives on being the new vision of dance. A vision that will captivate and illuminate your mind, body and soul.

Artistic Director, Tony Morales
Pleased 2 Meet U
MoralesDance is a throwback to the days of classical modern dance based on the aesthetics of choreographer and artistic director, Tony Morales. A mixture of classical modern techniques lends the company a fluid yet strong air as seen in the choreography of several of the company's repertory pieces. Based in NYC, MoralesDance was created in 1998 by Choreographer and Director Tony Morales. Most recently the Company was honored to perform @ Summerstage NYC, The Downtown Dance Festival and is very honored to participate in this years NuDance Festival here @ The Theater of The Riverside Church where we have performed many times and hope to continue this coming October 2013.

Dance Iquail!, Inc.
Executive Artistic Director, Iquail Shaheed
The Order
For the oppressed to be able to wage the struggle for their liberation, they need to perceive the reality of oppression not as a closed world from which there is no exit, but as a limiting situation which they can transform." Believing this statement to be a fundamental truth, choreographer Iquail Shaheed was inspired to create his newest work, The Order.

Sarah Council Dance Projects
Artistic Director, Sarah Council
Staring at Stones
Staring at Stones explores at the culture of the Appalachia mountains by taking a look at the lives of women who lived there. It is inspired by traditional ballads, the work of female poets native to the area and personal family stories.

The Dash Ensemble
Artistic Director, Gregory Dolbashian
Sleight of Hand
The DASH Ensemble was founded in December of 2009 by Gregory Dolbashian. Combining unique and exciting contemporary dance with an urban flair, The DASH is a New York based company made up of diverse contemporary dance artists. The DASH has performed all over New York City at venues such as Joyce SoHo, The Skirball Center, New York Live Arts, Summer Stage, and The JOYCE Theater. Through his work with The DASH, Dolbashian has won several choreographic competitions which included commissions from Ballet Austin, Northwest Dance Project and most recently Hubbard Street 2.

NEVILLE Dance Theatre
Artistic Director, Brenda Neville
Under the Bridge
Under the Bridge is a powerful presentation about the human spirits' fortitude and determination to persevere in the face of adversity.


Janusphere Dance Company
Artistic Director, Darion Smith
Shift and Tangle of Wings
In Darion Smith's most recent work Shift, the powerful bond between a man and his muse are challenged when temptation and curiosity take him out of her spell.

Forces of Nature Dance Theater
Artistic Director, Abdel Salaam
Oscillatory in the design of it's language ... B Flowin' .. B Smoove! seeks to be a visual metaphor for the elliptical movement of life in the heavens and here on Earth. Inspired by the dynamic , fluid, never ending flow of energy from Supreme Being that animates all, the mythical Damballah and Aida Ouedo, and Earl "Snakes Hips " Tucker. The work honors the spirit and desire within the human family to move smoothly or " smoove " through the obstacles and pit falls or our lives, thus striving to be and remain constant, fluid and whole. We dedicate this season's voyage of  .. B Flowin'.. B Smoove!  as a prayer in movement for " family " and especially President Obama to continually evolve as he completes his first term in office, calling upon the essence of cool, calm and smoove!

Thursday, December 6th at 7:30 PM
Friday, December 7th at 7:30 PM
Saturday, December 8th at 7:30 PM

Ticket Price
$20/General Admission
$15/Senior and Students

The Riverside Theatre
91 Claremont Avenue (120th St)
Take the 1 to 116th or 125th
Box Office: (212) 870-6784

• Iquail Shaheed by Rachel Neville

• Dash Ensemble
• Janusphere Dance Company


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