Recent Release & MP3 Download: Karthala 72's Diable Du Feu

From a media release:

Electric Cowbell Records Presents:
Karthala 72 – Diable Du Feu

Electric Cowbell Records is announcing the debut album from Karthala 72, featuring the sound of 1970's psychedelic freakout only heavier than you ever heard it before.
• Out digitally as of November 1st 2012 and on vinyl on Nov. 13th 2012.
• The Remixes available digitally November 1st 2012
• the first single "Dans le Coeur du Feu" (Daytoner Remix)

The sound of a 1970′s psychedelic freakout only heavier than you ever heard it before! The new Karthala 72 full-length album (Diable du Feu!) brings some seriously dark, driving funk meets Afrobeat. There isn’t much on the group out there on the internet. We can’t even figure out exactly where they are from but tribal rhythms and hypnotic guitar echo to a time when the raw sound was king.

Taking influence from the traditional music of the Comoros, to Anatolian bazaar jazz to the more familiar beat of percussion led afro-funk, this album is destined to become a psych-world burner. Limited edition full-length 33 & 1/3 140-gram vinyl in full-color jacket. Comes with free full-color vinyl sticker and free download card that includes 10 monster remixes!  Vinyl only release date: 11/13/12, Digital release date: 11/1/12.

Being fans of the ‘groove’ we, like nearly every other DJ, producer and collector out there are constantly on the lookout for that holy grail - the undiscovered break. But even better for us - a whole record that just makes you go crazy! So, here we present Karthala 72... dug out of a dusty crate in a forgotten record store in a small town. Karthala 72 crafted a series of recordings that have an honest, hard edge engineering approach. Using a minimal amount of recording equipment in a makeshift studio (the most likely scenario?) they created a super tough groove and a sonic musical feel that is straight up 1970’s psychadelic Africa. Little is known about the band - when and where founding members Vincent Tendaji, James Mtondoo & Colin Moyo-shan layed the tracks down for instance - and people who might know more about them seem unwilling to divulge. What we do know is that Karthala 72 are unapologetically rough and ready - The afro sound unlike anything you've ever heard, but just the way we all wanted to hear it but were never quite able to find...until now. - JetTricks

Album downloads will receive free bonus track 'Voyage Les Etoiles'.

Sounds like-or may remind you of-some psychedelic moments with Wayne Shorter, Can, Miles Davis stirring his Bitches Brew, Sonny Sharrock, Zambian-psych, Witch and some Now-Again excursions, soundtracks to shamanic sessions, Iboga-house, and much much more!