CD Sneak Peek - ROAM's Fracture & Light Dec 11 2012 in Toronto

From a media release:

ROAM - CD Sneak Peek -- Fracture and Light
Musideum, 401 Richmond St W, Toronto
Tues Dec 11, 2012 - 8pm

• INFO/TIX: $20 / pwyc for (un)der-employed & youth  416-599-7323
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[Toronto ON] 
Even a band with a name like ROAM must eventually come to rest, which luckily gives Toronto audiences an opportunity for a Sneak Peek of their new, shimmering CD, On Fracture and Light on December 11th at Musideum, 8pm.

The Ontario Arts Council-supported disc - to be released Spring 2013 - features 11 originals and single cover (Hymn To Her, The Pretenders) masterfully captured and crafted by JUNO award-winning engineer/producer Michel Phillip Wojewoda (Barenaked Ladies, Great Big Sea, Rheostatics).

ROAM is all about musical adventure and top-drawer songwriting, and they deliver with this new release. Driven by a need for cross-pollination of musical ideas, ROAM has arrived at their authentic global amalgam of musical styles through a commitment to cultural exchange with artists across the globe.

At home base, everything starts with key composer Lisa Patterson, who writes on piano, adding significant spin as the songs materialize around a host of supporting collaborators. Anita Katakkar (tabla, percussion, voice), Alex McMaster (cello, clarinet, voice), and Justin Abedin (guitar) while Patterson adds accordion and duduk (a distinctive-sounding, double-reeded woodwind instrument traditional to Armenia).

Enticing vocals transform mere words into something far more mystical and intriguing. Lyrics are king and each instrument is employed based on the textures they provide to a composition and to the direction of each song. If you appreciate that world music instruments, alone, do not a world music make, then you'll appreciate ROAM's organic perspective and approach to their craft.

Indeed, this appreciation has been far-reaching. Invitations to appear at NXNE and Canadian Music Week and a showcase gig at Roy Thompson reception following a Measha Brueggergosman classical concert, have helped shower the band with the attention they deserve. The band was also summoned to Holland to represent our country at the Canadian Connections Fair, presented in South India concert series by Alliance Francaise, and asked to provide the soundtrack to a silent Charlie Chaplin film - a demonstration of their sheer flexibility and unflinching resolve.

This is due in no small part to ROAM's unshakable foundation - a friendship-based chemistry often described as close friends in intimate dialogue, where players are driven by an undeniable universal pulse. As a result, theirs is a powerful, socially-driven form of acoustic roots with the power to bewitch, mesmerize and captivate.

Discover this for yourself on December 11th.