Recently Released: D. Gookin's Prey on the Prize

From a media release:

Recently Released:
D. Gookin's Prey on the Prize EP

- D. Gookin is the alias of NY-based producer/songwriter/drummer Mike Birnbaum. His music has been known to vary dramatically – from ‘80s flavored, alt electro-rock, jamtronic, pop to digital reggae. Combining the adventurousness of modern electronic innovators like Tobacco and Daedelus, D. Gookin’s sound is as propulsive as it is melodic and as freewheeling as it is meticulously orchestrated.

D. Gookin is proud to present his fifth release, Prey on the Prize EP, a set of hypnotic reggae and digitized dub that channels youthful boredom and fascination through a more mature eye. The end result offers not only a rare mix of self-awareness and sincerity, but also a brilliant cocktail of summery sounds where chillwave, dancehall and electronica collide.

The journey begins with Tastebuds, a future roots groove that combines stony sing-song with a wonked keyboard riff and high-flying notes that imply uplift.  Time Out NY says Tastebuds “might be the most fizzy-fun single we’ve heard in 2012.”

The standout Riding Onna Shockwave is next, steeped in kaleidoscopic synths and featuring the sweetly gliding vocals of Body Language’s Miss Angelica Bess. And with the chiptune bits of Constantly, the EP launches into orbit.

Prey on the Prize returns to earth with S— Goes Down, a feel-good tune that swerves and sways like an Autobot high on fumes at a high school house party. But the best in show is this collection’s closer, a version of Marlon Asher’s Ganja Farmer reworked to tell the story of a few adolescent friends who cultivate weed under the neighborhood power lines.