Visual Arts at Harbourfront Toronto: True North Jan 26 - Apr 14 2013 (Opening Jan 25)

From a media release:

Harbourfront Toronto
January 26 - April 14, 2013

True North
Kim Dorland, David R. Harper, Catherine Lane, Lisa Myers, Luke Painter, David Trautrimas, and Douglas Walker
Curated by Patrick Macaulay

Opening is Friday January 25 from 6 to 10pm

TORONTO - The myth and imagery of the North is embedded in Canada’s national identity. We are smug about our ability to suffer extreme conditions. We are gratified with the increasing centimetres of snow outside our door in a seeming test of endurance. We are convinced of our connections to wilderness and excel in developing technology and innovating our industries to cope with challenging and vast environments. We routinely surpass many other nations in winter sport and recreation.

But in reality, the majority of Canadians live in the most southern regions of this country. Do we really comprehend the “true north?” How do we define this north? Is a “true north” only to be found subsequent to certain latitudes? Is the “true north” merely a romantic ideal that includes the requisite snow-dusted forest and serene lake? Do we consider that this symbolic national “true north” differs from the geographical north, a place that is home to a diversity of communities?

This exhibition brings together seven artists who create work addressing many conceptions of north. Rather than claiming to give definitive answers to the notion of the “true north” these artists illustrate an array of perspectives investigating the myth, imagined and lived experiences.

– Patrick Macaulay,
Head, Visual Arts, Harbourfront Centre

- Luke Painter. Baffin Island/Fortress of Solitude (detail), 2013. Computer generated animation. Image courtesy of the artist.
- David Trautrimas. The Metric Movement, 2012. Baltic Birch & Acrylic. Image courtesy of the artist.