A Call for Collaborators: My City Stories

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A Call for Collaborators:
My City Stories

Mycitystories is a multi-platform community project that explores the emotional and physical landscape of our cities. Mycitystories questions how, in this hybrid age of globalization, we perceive our relationship with the city we call 'home'. How does a city's life, architecture and history impact its inhabitants and global community.

You have the opportunity to engage and tap into the untold stories that each one of us carry.

What is your story?

Your story might be about :
• Everyday life,
• A memory or an experience in your neighbourhood,
your favourite city festivals, art and culture,
• Architecture and Gardens,
• History and landmarks,
• City awareness
• City based concerns; growth, population, city planning

or anything else you want to share

Current collaborators hail from Edmonton, Mumbai, Melbourne (Australia) and beyond.

You can get involved by starting with this link

mycitystories.com is conceived and created by Faisal Anwar

Faisal Anwar
Interactive Artist / Producer, research artist
oddspaces.ca, mycitystories.com
pluscity.me, digitaldip.net