CD Release: Lachi's Make Some Noise (June 25, 2013)

From a media release:

CD Release:
Lachi's Make Some Noise (June 25, 2013)

New York singer and songwriter Lachi is no stranger to the stage. Born of author and professor Dr. Marcellina Offoha and being the sixth in a family of seven children, she’s always been able to stand out and make people take notice of her talent.

Her songs have a raw and unapologetic emotional openness. It’s this vulnerability that’s garnered her a great deal of attention and unparalleled respect as an artist. Perhaps it is her low vision that allows her to bring so much beauty to the emotion inside her. She’s incredibly prolific, having written over 400 songs and been the focus of many interviews and features on radio and television as well as earning her several honors and accolades, including being a finalist at the Independent Music Awards in 2006, performing at SXSW in 2009, opening for Patti LaBelle at PrideFest Milwaukee in 2010, and being featured on Oprah Radio.

She and her band have kept busy, performing at the Emeryville Bay Street Center in CA, releasing singles “Make Some Noise” and “Illusion” (for which she also released the music video), and continuing create material for her fans. She’s set to release her latest album Make Some Noise on June 25, an album whose title single has already made a lasting impression.

She’s been called “The Real Deal” by Oprah Radio and an artist who offers “an alternative to alternative rock” by Meijin Bruttomesso of The Deli Magazine. As she continues to enchant and impress with her style of soft, emotive rock, Lachi sets herself up as one of the most interesting artists of our time.