EstroGenius 2013 - Our 14th Year! October 15th thru November 10th, 2013 in New York City

From a media release:

EstroGenius 2013 - Our 14th Year!
October 15th thru November 10th, 2013 

presented by Manhattan Theatre Source

• You can see the full calendar of events and get your tickets here.

A funny thing happened as we were planning this year's Estro...

We set out to make this year's festival smaller and more intimate and figured the way to do that was to partner with some of our favorite people & production companies. Estro has always been about building relationships and we really wanted that to be the focus this year.

So we reached out to our Estro alums and asked them to come play in the Estro sandbox. And they came in droves. In fact, our co-producing model turned out to be so successful that we accidentally, somehow, we're-still-not-sure-exactly-what-happened, MADE THE FESTIVAL BIGGER. Oops.

We have short plays, full-lengths (!), readings, dance, one-woman shows, visual art, Girl Be Heard, a film screening, a very special Spontaneous Combustion and 2 full days of networking, panel discussions and workshops - 45 events in all!

(In fact, we were too big to fit in a single venue and so will have events at both Theaterlab & Stage Left Studio.)

There's so much going on that to tell you all about it in one post is essentially an impossible task, so we're hoping this little teaser is enticing enough to get you to check out our website. There are lots of juicy details there and we'll be blogging away in the coming weeks about the festival in excruciating exhilarating detail.

Can't wait to show you what we made!

• Inside Orion by Mary Catherine Donnelly
• Jaz Z & Me: A talking memoir by Jane Elias