Photographic Art: J.W. Bush at Sealed Art (Hamilton, ON) January 25 to February 25 2014

From a media release:

J.W. Bush - Watermarks
Opening at Sealed Art Gallery, Hamilton, ON
January 25 to February 25, 2014

• Opening Reception January 25, 2014 - 5 to 9pm
• Photographs are in series of five only 225.00 CAD each

HAMILTON, ON - Enigmatic and evocative, J.W. Bush's latest show of photography opens on January 25, 2014 at Sealed Art Gallery.

Jeff is a long time self-taught photography artist who's been exhibiting his work in Hamilton for decades. The former owner of the J.W. Bush Gallery has been a well-known member of Hamilton's arts community. His work has included stints volunteering for the City and he's often documented Hamilton's arts scene along with providing photography services to poets, musicians and theatre artists and general design work - but no weddings! He hopes to re-open the gallery as a photographic centre in the future.

The show includes experimental music on the Korg M1 Syntech, provided by Rob Vecera, mixed and produced by J.W. Bush. A strongly visual thinker, he lets his images and poetry do the talking for him.


telling stories coming from far away
starting explosions creating life to form
frequencies, light,  magnetism,  reactions and heat. 
a flat plain just before a forest,
a mystical place, somewhere here or there,
or in the scene of a eerie past.

topical textures, looking yet like charcoal sketches
new emerging forms

emerging from earth humanoid figures
sensual overtone
you can  see bird like figures

ghostly faces on spirit land
many eyes too one
wipe away clean

beads of rhythm
natural universal language

mystical forest from long ago
or future