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happy new year and all the very best for 2014! thank you for your interest in the 'wind in the leaves collective' (, a group combining my poetry with live and recorded music, dance and visual art.

i founded this group in 2009 and a growing number of dancers, choreographers, musicians and visual artists from diverse diasporic backgrounds have become involved and are shaping the work. the stories the 'collective' tells through my poems present moments in the lives of persons of african descent and we create our work with the input of all of the artists involved, each of whom draws upon their own memory and artistic practice to contribute to a unique performance that has no parallel in the canadian arts scene and that we feel represents a diversity integral to canadian life.

the 'collective' has performed in many different venues and our work has been well-received. we began 2013 with performances on all three u. of t. campuses, did a show at 'arraymusic' in may and this fall we concluded our year with performances for the 'decolonial aesthetics' conference and a showcase at ontario contact, a venue where presenters across the country come to see and select works to stage ( these are simply some of the highlights of the 'collective's' work and we're very proud to have performed at ontario contact as it is a highly regarded showcase where many artists compete to present. we were successful in our first proposal to them and were one of 32 selected out of over 200 applications by excellent performing artists from across canada.

i am currently working on four performances for 2014. the 'collective' self-presents under the banner 'wind in the leaves collective with allies and friends'. this format allows us an opportunity to do new work and to invite other like-minded artists to share the stage with us. you can see flyers on our website under the 'performances' tab. two of our performances for 2014 will feature collaborations with the Milton Acorn Poetry Group and TSAR Publications . the Milton Acron Group are a gathering of poets who have been influenced by the canadian poet, milton acorn, and his progressive values and stories of working peoples. TSAR stands for The South Asian Poetry Review and publishes work of aboriginal peoples and people of colour in canada and around the world ( both groups share similar values to the 'collective' and TSAR will feature the release of my book of poems 'travelogue of the bereaved'. to enable us to give our artists the rehearsal time and space needed to create and stage these performances, the 'collective' is beginning a fundraising campaign.

i hope you will be interested in furthering the 'collective's' work by contributing to our fundraising campaign which will be online in early febuary. our goal for 2014 is modest. we aim to raise $4,500.00 by june and we are seeking financial contributions from friends and allies who are interested in what we're doing. if you choose to contribute $100.00 you will receive 50% off all ticket purchases to the shows that the 'collective' self-presents.  for $50.00, you will receive 50% off of ticket purchases for two shows.  for $25.00 you will receive 50% off for one show.  all other contributions will be acknowledged in our program for each of these performances.

charles c. smith, artistic director, 'wind in the leaves collective'