Big Band Jazz CD Release & Party: Beverly Taft Meets the Nathan Hiltz Orchestra April 24-26 2014

From a media release:

Taft, Hiltz & Co. Bring Back the Glamorous Spirit of Big Band Swing with their Standout Originals
April 24-26 2014 at the Jazz Bistro in Toronto

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[Toronto ON]
For three sizzlin’ nights at the Jazz Bistro this April 24-26, Beverly Taft and co-conspirator & guitarist Nathan Hiltz, celebrate their outstanding jazz and blues originals with the release of “Beverly Taft Meets the Nathan Hiltz Orchestra”.

The chemistry between Taft & Hiltz & Co. on disc ‘n’ stage is undeniable. Add in the talents of a horn section without peer – William Carn (trombone), Shawn Nykwist (tenor sax), Jake Wilkinson (trumpet) and Rich Underhill (alto sax—of Shuffle Demons fame and who btw is also running for Mayor!)  – and the dream rhythm section of Artie Roth on bass and Sly Juhas on drums. Special guests like Adrean Farrugia on piano add further shades of colour to this rich musical tapestry.

This release shows Taft to be more than a jazz singer or interpreter. She digs deeper into the language of jazz, towards grasping its very essence for a better understanding of its impact on our lives. As a result, every lyric carries the weight of this deeply-rooted relationship – each word delivered by a singer with an uncanny connection to her material. Taft’s velvety voice and meticulous phrasing proves ideally matched to the band which has coalesced around her.

The disc kicks off with “Clock Tickin,” a slow minor blues inspired by the sounds of the clock above Hiltz’ kitchen table. Juhas’ drums keep tabs on the piece’s electric pulse, under a blistering solo by Underhill.

The highly personal “Gay Repartée at the Ski Chalet” documents her parents’ meeting – both playing key roles in her love of ‘50’s style music – and the track’s slow, slinky groove provides a jumping off point for solos from Hiltz and Underhill, as you can hear the influences of both Ella and Peggy Lee in Taft’s care.

“Beautiful Listener” provides a direct conversation between artist and audience, hushed and inviting, with enough space to register the quality of Taft’s vocal as it wraps itself around each word – in praise of a memorable audience member.

From the upbeat, acoustic bass-driven “Trav’llin Along” with its fully-charged horn section and Hiltz’ muted guitar, Taft’s voice soars as if smiling, swinging with the grace and power of an old-time big band. As well, a spectacular guitar solo from Hiltz adds fuel to an already well-nourished fire.

All in all, Beverly Taft meets the Nate Hiltz Orchestra showcases the Taft-Hiltz union with a release that heralds a triumphant return to big band jazz thinking. Taft lends an element of glamour to this project, rekindling the glory days of Doris Day (the understated jazz singer as opposed to her movie star persona) and the swing era. As a result, Taft and her beautiful voice do much more than meet Nathan Hiltz and his Orchestra – she completes the link in a reverent chain, transforming all 9 players into one while they resuscitate a much-loved era of vintage jazz and better times.

Toronto Downtown Jazz presents
Beverly Taft Meets the Nathan Hiltz Orchestra

Nathan Hiltz – guitar, Adrean Farrugia -- piano, Artie Roth -- bass, Morgan Childs -- drums, William Carn on trombone, Shawn Nykwist -- tenor sax, Rich Underhill -- alto sax, Jake Wilkinson – trumpet

April 24-26, 9:00pm
Jazz Bistro (formerly The Senator),  251 Victoria St, Toronto
416-363-5299416-363-5299  Reservations are highly recommended!