Contemporary Shakespeare: The Tragedy of Macbeth December 6 to 20 2014 in Toronto

From a release:
The Tragedy of  Macbeth
December 6 - December 20 - 8:00pm
The Theatre Machine
376 Dufferin Street, Toronto

• A limited number of audience members will be part of the show by selecting the $15 INTERACTIVE SEATS

A limited amount of interactive seats are up for grabs. What does this entail? You will need to arrive at the theatre no later than 7.45pm, you will be given something to wear over your clothes and will be ushered in before everyone else. These tickets gets you right in on the action; be prepared to drink, eat and interact with certain characters.

TORONTO - Sterling Theatre Company proudly presents their first show of the 2014/­15 season, now housed at The Theatre Machine: 376 Dufferin St (formerly Unit 102), William Shakespeare’s MACBETH from December 6 – 20, 2014.

When THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH meets Stanley Kubrick's EYES WIDE SHUT you get the inaugural show of the season directed by Sterling’s Founding Artistic Director Sophie Ann Rooney Burn This, The Glory of Living, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. This ‘new world where secret societies reign’ production of MACBETH, stage managed by Tamara Vuckovic, is sure to be atmospheric, contemporary and daring, with renowned Canadian Talents;

TV/Film/Stage veteran William MacDonald - Zadie’s Shoes ­Factory Theatre, Taming of the Shrew ­ Jessie Nomination and most recently in Atom Egoyan’s The Captive, Rookie Blue, Bomb Girls, X­Files, Cold Squad - will be MACBETH

TV sensation Oluniké Adeliyi currently recurring as Tammy Jenkins on Saving Hope, notably known for her portrayal of Leah Kerns in Flashpoint and Hayley Denief in Republic of Doyle will be LADY MACBETH

Theatre darling Tim Walker most recently voted Best of Fringe PUNCH UP by Theatre Brouhaha’s Kat Sandler will be MACDUFF

State of Syn’s Jimi Shlag will be BANQUO, Jesse Nerenberg fresh off the Banff Citadel Professional Program will be MALCOLM, indie theatre guru Scott McCulloch Time Stands Still will be DUNCAN, Artistic Director Danka Scepanovic Red Bill, Anton in Showbusiness will be ROSS, in her sterling debut Suzannah Moore will be LENNOX, Sailor’s Song siren Jessica Kennedy will be ANGUS, Chris Hapke Reign will be DONALBAIN, in her Toronto debut Leia Warren will be FLEANCE and Sterling’s Melissa Robertson Natalie in Where’s My Money? will be LADY MACDUFF.

MACBETH runs from Saturday, December 6 – Saturday, December 20, 2014 (Sundays and Mondays dark) - 8pm shows
$20 evening performance -
$15 interactive ticket  
$15 student fee (with student ID) on Tuesday, December 16, 2014­10­14
MACBETH William MacDonald
LADY MACBETH Oluniké Adeliyi
MACDUFF Tim Fitzgerald Walker
BANQUO Jimi Shlag
FLEANCE Leia Warren, MALCOLM Jesse Nerenberg, DUNCAN Scott McCulloch, DONALBAIN Chris Hapke, ROSS Danka Scepanovic, LENNOX Suzannah Moore, ANGUS Jessica Kennedy, LADY MACDUFF Melissa Robertson

Directed by Sophie Ann Rooney
Stage Managed by Tamara Vuckovic, Hecate song by Oliver Pigott, Photos by Joe Marques, Media by Ashleigh Rains, Art by Alana Pancyr, Apparitions by Phoebe & Regan RooneyMatthews

Sterling Artistic Directors Sophie Ann Rooney, Kyle Labine, Danka Scepanovic
Photos by Joe Marques Insta @thejoeiknow